Personalised Health 360

Welcome to the World of AI Health

The most powerful way to transform your body is to use food and exercise as medicine. But without a medical degree, how do you know how to do that? Let our Personalised Health scientific algorithms create a tailor-made program that is specifically designed for your unique body to help you live your best existence possible. 

  • Look Great 
    • Not just transform your body but have brighter eyes, clearer skin, shinier hair
    • Help you cut body fat while maintaining healthy muscle mass
    • Healthy is the new sexy
  • Feel Better
    • Gain more energy by addressing unknown issues that are causing the lack of energy, not eating a pill that will give you fabricated energy
    • Ease aches and pains
    • Improve your mental clarity
  • Minimise Metabolic Conditions
    • Help at the root of the problem, not give a band-aid solution
    • Help prevent any underlying issues from becoming a chronic disease
    • Not leave you “at the mercy” of genetic predisposition

You’re no stranger to programs promising these above benefits, maybe a handful promising the last few. No doubt, when you read these you might have rolled your eyes a bit. I completely understand why. 

You’ve probably tried a few of these programs asking you to follow this diet, do this exercise, cut out this food, drink this liquid, take these pills, and may even have seen some initial results. But they didn’t last long, did they?

This is because fads force your body to lose weight, but it is short-lived. It doesn’t give the body what it needs, so the body rebels. Personalised Health is different. 

Using 15 layers of science and medicine, Personalised Health fills all of the gaps that other programs lack. The missing link is pure scientific truth. Instead of relying on a handful of random studies, Personalised Health uses proven methods backed by thousands of studies from both modern western medicine and ancient eastern medicine.

Within a few weeks of following Personalised Health’s uniquely yours program you will start to feel a difference:

  • Your immune system is boosted.
  • You will get better sleep.
  • You will see an increase in energy.
  • You will experience some weight loss.
  • You will gain knowledge and be empowered to heal your body from the inside out.

Within a couple of months, the benefits will multiply:

  • You will notice an improved function of all your body systems. This means better metabolism, a healthier digestive system, a stronger immune system, balanced blood sugar, and so much more. 
  • You will experience a happier, healthier mental state.
  • You will continue to see the benefits of the first few weeks increase.

What is required of you? Simple. You must have the right mindset.

Are you ready to improve your health? Can you be “all in” with a degree of self-compassion knowing that change is needed, but dedicated to sticking with it until you see results?


Join the revolution of health. Forget all the confusing and contradictory information out there. Many of the programs have some degree of truth. They might not have false information, just wrongly applied. They leave out one very big factor.

We are all beautifully unique with our own unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs. There is no cookie-cutter fix to our health concerns and issues. What works for some might not work for others. 

Still on the fence? I don’t blame you. As I said, we’ve all been the victim of false promises at one time or another, but we still want to feel and look our best. If you read on, you’ll see what makes this program so different…

  • Tailored Food Database- Personalised Health won’t give you a strict diet to follow. Don’t expect a limit to your calories or a severely restricted food group. It will, however, give you a customised list of foods to eat that are good for your body at the level you are at. As you progress, your food list may change. By adhering to this list of foods, you will be delivering the nutrients that your body needs
  • Fitness For You- Instead of trying every new fitness trend, Personalised Health will help you to learn how to exercise to tap into your specific strengths. Each part of this program is made to benefit your particular body. You won’t be given a fitness plan, but you will be supplied with some exercise examples that you can use should you choose.
  • Social Engagement- Learn what types of social engagement energizes you the most, and which will drain your energy. You will even learn how to approach friends and family members with the right mindset. Your relationships will thrive and so will your sense of wellbeing.
  • Genius Zone- Personalised Health takes into consideration the health of your entire being. It will help you find your best times and ways to optimise your brain’s creative abilities. It will even give you direction on the best sleep schedule to implement and how to use mindfulness and breathing techniques to keep your brain at best functioning levels.
  • Lifestyle- As an individual, you will flourish in a certain environment but this can be hard to find on your own. Personalised Health will help you transform your life into an environment that is best suited for your personal growth and health.

Personalised Health is the medicine of the future. You are unique and this program not only recognises that but celebrates it. Tap into your own strengths, combat your own weaknesses, create a life that you love. 

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What you get:

28 Days of Small Group Training Sessions (3 x Per week)

Maximum of 6 People ONLY per Group Session 

18 Session Times to Choose From

Personalised Strategy and Goal Setting Session

Postural and Movement Analysis

Body Composition Scan

Beginner Exercise Guide and Programs

Simple and Easy Recipe eBook

Habit Checklist & Mini Guide eBook

Support from your Coach and Crew

Private Facebook Group

28 DAY