Julie Griffiths. Owner, Director & Head Coach DIP

If you don't know me, you will! (you will find i am super cheeky and everyone calls me Jewelz) With over 13 years experience in the Health and Fitness arena, would you believe i have successfully delivered OVER 30,000 training sessions? Well, its true! Being based in St Kilda for 13 years has given me a solid grounding within the area, apart from the many locals we currently help, we also have our loyal clients travelling from all over Melbourne.

Functional Movement is my #1 goal to get you started towards success, we get that right from the start.... so you can power through your busy schedule effectively, with focus and energy. Finding solutions to get better results for you... well thats my thing!  Find our the real reason why i became a Fitness Coach.

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I'm so inspired every day when working with my clients, we constantly up skill to keep up with new science that is proven to help everyone get better results. Our boutique facility is filled with amazing energy from the wonderful Qualified Coaches we have, and the amazing clients we have that are buisness owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and people from all walks of life who come here to move better, get stronger and have a little "me" time. I hope you'll call or come in soon to find out how we can help you reach your goals and be an even better YOU.