Private Training

TIGHTEN UP offers in Person in Our Facility or Virtual 1:1 Private Training and 2:1 Private Training, perfect for couples and friends , or we can even pair you with one of our amazing clients who will welcome you and you can get healthier together.

All our Private Training sessions are by appointment only, letting you focus on you and getting the job done! All your sessions are planned out and target specific regions on your body depending on what your individual health and physique goals are.

With all the advancements in science and technology, we are proud to announce that we  are an endorsed Personalised Health Facility. No more guessing about the correct type of exercise or food for our clients. We use the most advanced methods to measure your Body Type and Health Type to ensure you get the results you want and need.

In depth assessments supported by 15 layers of science to ascertain where you are physically, mentally and emotionally today. We factor in your medical history, lifestyle, genetics, even where you live. Using the most advanced technology available, we can help you understand why your body behaves differently to other people.

No two people will have the same results doing the same thing - be it exercise or food intake, this has been proven time and time again. We now have the knowledge and systems in place to get results for every individual. There is no one like you - so why should your training and food be the same as someone else's?

We track your results via the most current technology available. Our Body Composition Analyzer - the Evolt 360 is state of the art and provides insights that we may not be able to see. *Availability dependant on Covid Restrictions

Knowing your Muscle Symmetry, Visceral Fat - this is an indicator of your body's stress levels, Hydrations Levels, Bone Mineral and so much more, gives us the correct information on how to move forward with your training.

The scan which takes less than 60 seconds is done on a 4 week basis, so that we can keep on track with the goals you are seeking and provide the best possible solutions and outcomes. We include this as an integration for our training solutions.



What you get:

28 Days of Small Group Training Sessions (3 x Per week)

Maximum of 6 People ONLY per Group Session 

18 Session Times to Choose From

Personalised Strategy and Goal Setting Session

Postural and Movement Analysis

Body Composition Scan 

Beginner Exercise Guide and Programs

Simple and Easy Recipe eBook  

Habit Checklist & Mini Guide eBook

Support from your Coach and Crew

Private Facebook Group

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