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Low Fat Diet: The Craze That Backfired

The Low Fat Diet industry is worth billions of dollars. For nearly 30 years, manufacturers have been pumping out a plethora of Low Fat food options in every food category imaginable. The only problem they’ve faced is that the food tastes like crap. It is Fat after all, that gives food it’s flavour. So, what…

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The Mediterranean Diet Demystified

Picture paradise. . . Breath-taking scenery, sun drenched beaches, mouth-watering food, lazy days and perfect health. For many of us caught up in the treadmill of 21st century living, that perception is as far off as the sun is from the moon. Yet, for centuries, the inhabitants of the 16 countries surrounding the Mediterranean have…

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What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo (short for Paleolithic) diet was invented in 1975 by Dr Walter L. Voegtlin. Voetglin was a gastroenterologist who was searching for a dietary treatment for Crohn’s disease. This led him to a study of the eating habits of Paleolithic (early Stone Age) humans. Adopting such a diet cured not only Crohn’s, but also…

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