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Low carb diet – fad or fabulous?

Like many diets, the low carb diet is controversial. It seems there will never be a consensus on this one. Before you make up your mind, make sure that you know all the facts. The low carb diet seems to attract lots of misinformation. Let’s separate fact from fiction… The real truth about the low…

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Australia Day the healthy way

As our official national day approaches, I’m sure many of you are planning your Australia Day celebrations. It’s a time when we parade our national pride and celebrate everything Australian. Although there are many organised events, many of us celebrate this day with family and friends. And, like many other celebrations in summer, there are…

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Outdoor festivals: what they mean for your health

Here in Australia, the festive season is also festival season with all sorts of outdoor festivals popping up on calendars throughout the warmer months. Music festivals, food festivals, night markets, and all sorts of other outdoor festivals entertain us on many a hot summer’s day and night. But just what are the implications of outdoor festivals…

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Boost productivity in just 5 steps

Now that the festive season and New Year’s celebrations are behind us, many of us are getting back to work. Here are some ideas to boost productivity in 2016… The typical working week is reputedly 40 hours. Although, many of us put in far more hours that that! But are we really producing high quality work…

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