Outdoor festivals: what they mean for your health

Here in Australia, the festive season is also festival season with all sorts of outdoor festivals popping up on calendars throughout the warmer months. Music festivals, food festivals, night markets, and all sorts of other outdoor festivals entertain us on many a hot summer’s day and night.

But just what are the implications of outdoor festivals for your health?

Remember to drink sufficient water

The summer heat does nothing if not dehydrate us. It’s really important that you make a conscious effort to drink sufficient water. If you’re consuming alcohol, which is very likely at many outdoor festivals, then remember to drink additional water to compensate for the dehydrating effect of alcoholic beverages.

Keep an eye open for healthy food options

Typically at outdoor festivals (with perhaps the notable exception of food markets) people tend to opt for fatty fried foods and/or foods that are very high in sugar. Neither of these options are good for your health. You want to be feeling energetic, invigorated and alert to enjoy the events as much as possible. To do that, you need to survey the foods on offer and opt for the healthiest choices. Packing a few nutritious health bars or other healthy snacks in your bag is always a good idea to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

More people means more germs

As awful as this sounds, throngs of people mean that you will be exposed to lots of germs. Before you head to an outdoor festival, it’s a good idea to take an immune booster such as vitamin C. Antibacterial wipes are always a good idea to keep your hands extra clean after using public bathrooms and before you eat.

Get your 40 winks

Outdoor festivals can mean that you build up sleep debt. This will not only deplete your energy stores, but make it all the more challenging for you to adhere to your usual healthy diet and exercise regime. Make a concerted effort to get enough sleep so that you remain well-rested.

Boost your sun protection

The Aussie sun can be brutal. Make sure you pack enough sunscreen and don a hat or cap to shield your face and neck from the sun. If possible, find a spot in the shade to keep those harmful UV rays at bay.

Above all, enjoy your time at these outdoor festivals and make some happy memories!