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Caitlyn is a talented personal coach and trainer!

"I coach because I want to get the world moving," says Caitlyn Larsson. We are so pleased she's doing just that here at Tighten Up!

She's passionate about the benefits of exercise. Among other things, it can significantly decrease the risk of heart disease, she points out. If she sounds serious, it's because she is - serious about health and having fun!

Caitlyn has a unique background.  In addition to two years of experience as a PT, she holds an ESSA certification and also has 10 years of teaching and performing circus arts!

Personal Coaching for Fun and Fitness Improvements

Incorporating fun, innovative movements from the circus arts is just one of the ways Caitlyn helps her clients realize how incredible their bodies can be. Bodyweight and mobility training are some of the tools she uses to help clients reach their goals...and Caitlyn never lets a client get bored. "I love mixing it up," she says, as a way to ensure they keep learning and improving.

Caitlyn's Training Philosophy

Caitlyn loves having fun, but when it comes to taking care of her clients, she is a serious professional. Here's what she says about her approach to health, strength and fitness:

"Research has shown that they body adapts best when exposed to different stimuli, and I believe that is true for the mind as well. I like to challenge people's coordination and mental prowess along with their physicality.  Let's fight old age in the body AND the brain."

About Training to Regain Strength

"I have experience rehabbing a variety of injuries, from chronic to acute.  Using evidence based practice, I formulate the best approach for the particular client, taking into account their anthropomorphic specifications, history, and goals."

About Coaching to Reach Fitness Goals

"In addition to my knowledge and training, my aim is to provide the client with their best possible outcome. Using evidence-based goal setting and behavior change techniques, I work closely with clients to identify and work towards their fitness goals. I combine training techniques from traditional weightlifting, bodyweight training, team sports, strength and conditioning, and circus arts to compile varied and effective training programs that keep my clients both engaged and adapting."

Caitlyn currently teaches several classes at Tighten Up in St. Kilda, and is available for one-on-one and semi-private coaching sessions.

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Certifications: ESSA in Exercise Science

Specialties:  Injury rehabilitation, mobility, group acrobatics

Who loves Mexican food? Caitlyn does!

Just for kicks: Soccer is one of Caitlyn's hobbies and passions.

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"Caitlyn is all the things that make a great teacher: patient, articulate, entertaining, invested in all of her students no matter what their skill level is. As a beginner aerialist, she got me really excited about the world of circus. I'd highly recommend taking classes or workshops with her, but be prepared - she'll get you hooked!"  -- MaiLynn, Wellington, NZ

"Learn from Caitlyn, she will not disappoint." -- Melanie, San Francisco, CA

"Caitlyn focuses on giving every person in class individual corrections and encouragement. My strength, technique, and artistic development have significantly improved as a result of training with Caitlyn."
-- Victoria McDowell-Drew, Dallas, TX

"Want to learn awesome new tricks and laugh for two hours straight? Take a class from Caitlin. She's got a way of teaching you fun and exciting moves safely, whilst entertaining you with her comedic nature. She's also genuinely excited for you when you get something. You'll leave with more skills, more confidence, and more laugh lines."  -- Courtney King, New York, NY