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What you get:

2 Weeks Unlimited Small Group Training Sessions

Strategy and Goal Setting Session

Myzone MZ-1 Heart Rate monitor

Postural and Movement Analysis

Beginner Exercise Guide and Programs

Simple & Easy Recipes eBook

Habit Checklist & Mini Guide eBook

Support from your Coach and Crew = Priceless!

What you get:

2 weeks Unlimited Small Group Training sessions

* Variety of 45minute Sessions

* Train with a Small Group of people that have similar Goals & Attitudes

* All sessions led by our Qualified and Experienced Coaches 

* Sessions designed with each participant in mind 

* Maximum Results 

* No time wasted 

Strategy and Goal Setting Session

* Deep dive into what drives you to reach your Goals 

* We discuss your previous training history and the results acheived 

* In depth Goal Setting 

* Uncover the Outcomes that will trigger your success 

* Obstacles and understanding your "Why"

* Set a Plan in place for when the obstacles surface

* Specific time frames and realistic achievable outcomes

Myzone MZ-1 Heart Rate monitor

* Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. 

* Wearable technology that holds you accountable

* Track and see your level of exertion  

* Digitally record and keep track of your fitness progress  

* Be challenged to better than yesterday 

Postural and Movement Analysis

* Dynamic Postural & Movement Analysis which gives us the information to design the correct program for you

* Asses Movement Patterns & any potential injuries or instabilities

* Measure Strength & opportunities for improvement

Beginner Exercise Guide and Programs

* Digital eBook with tips for success after having a break from exercise or for complete beginners 

* 2 weeks of programs with video instruction to get you started 

* From the private vault special Stretch Sessions 

* Motivation and help at your fingertips 

* Specially curated emails sent straight to your inbox to keep you motivated 

* All the tools you need for setting Mindset and forming great Habits 

Habit Checklist and Mini Guide eBook

* 5 Simple Steps to New Habits 

* How to set S.M.A.R.T Goals

* Why are those Goals Important to You? 

* Setting up easy HABITS

* Organise your TIME

Simple and Easy Recipe eBook

* Your choice of one of our AMAZING recipe eBooks:  

* Plant Based Recipes 

* Vegan Recipes 

* Low Carb Recipes 

* High Protein Recipes 

* Nutrient and Macro Breakdowns for every recipe 

* Quick and easy recipes 

* Prep and cooking time 

* Nutritious and delicious 

* Snacks and treats  

* Smoothies