Truth about personal trainers – surprising but true!

Everyone seems to have an idea or opinion about personal training. Unfortunately, personal trainers are generally grossly misrepresented in movies and the like. We are essentially in a helping profession – we are in the personal training industry to help others. Let’s reveal the real truth about personal trainers and what we do…

The real truth about personal trainers

  • Most of us don’t adopt the commando/sergeant major approach with our clients.
  • A trainer who wears a false persona won’t last. A trainer who is genuine, sincere and ‘real’ is in a far better position to help their clients.
  • We help people to feel better and more confident about themselves.
  • It’s about being there to listen, to guide and help our clients achieve what they want.
  • We tend to work with people who share the same values and similar outlooks as we do.
  • The training is not about what we want; it is unequivocally about what you, the client, wants.
  • We are passionate about helping others.
  • Above all, we want to empower each of our clients to be the best that they can be.
  • The truth about personal trainers is that we work hard in order to deliver results for our clients. That means getting up at 4am to prepare for a long day that ends well after 5pm.
  • We work behind the scenes developing specific programs for each of our clients. Each person is unique with different goals and different capacities so each person’s program is tailored to their individual needs.
  • Personal trainers are lifelong learners. We have to constantly keep ourselves informed and educated as things in our industry are constantly changing – for the better!
  • Only a personal trainer who is passionate about their work will succeed in helping clients achieve remarkable goals.

So there you have it: 12 facts that neatly summarise the truth about personal trainers. We are not reserved for the elite and the wealthy – we are here to help you work on your health and fitness as effectively as possible in order to improve your quality of life.