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Sleep Is Important for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? Keep the weight off? Have a faster metabolism? Get your blood sugar levels under control? The solution might lie in how much sleep you’re getting. How much sleep is important for weight loss? A recent study has shown that losing just 30 minutes of sleep a night during the…

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How to Stop Snacking at Night

So far the day has gone well. You feel awesome after finishing a tough workout at gym. You’ve been eating healthy balanced meals and drinking lots of water. You’re feeling really pleased with yourself. You know that you deserve to relax on the couch in front of TV. And then… The tiredness sets in. And…

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How to Eat Out and Stay Healthy

 Want to eat out and stay healthy? All of us eat out from time to time. With social occasions, business meetings, and so on, it’s virtually impossible to avoid restaurants. Unfortunately the effects can start to show on the scale. How then can you eat out and stay healthy? Obviously you need to limit the…

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Drink and Be Healthy? Is That Possible?

Can you go out for a drink and be healthy? So you’ve decided to meet the girls for a drink. But you know that your personal trainer doesn’t endorse alcohol. And you’ve been working so hard at gym and making progress towards your goals. So is your only option to sit at the bar glumly…

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Mindset for Achieving Goals – Get It Here!

Can’t bear the thought of setting goals? My previous post looked at how to go about setting short term goals. For some of you, just the thought of setting goals is exhausting. Many people find that they simply don’t have the drive or motivation to set goals. It just seems like it requires too much…

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