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Melbourne Cup: make it a cup without (love) handles

The Melbourne Cup Carnival started on 12 September. You might be well into the festivities by now. For most of us, Emirates Melbourne Cup Day in a few days’ time (3 November) marks the start of a month of merriment. As we all know, the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a delight for the senses: colour…

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Positive mindset: 11 ways it's a better quality of life

Your mindset consists of your thoughts, which in turn determine your reactions and decisions. How would you like others to characterise your words, thoughts, and actions? As inspirational? Beneficial? Powerful? Profitable? The answer lies in developing positive mindset. Quick and easy ways to unleash the power of a positive mindset Be the most powerful person…

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Tough Mudder training: is it really necessary?

It’s difficult to believe that we’re in October and it’s already time for the Tough Mudder this weekend! For those of you who don’t know, the Tough Mudder is a race that takes place on an insane obstacle course. So, yes, there’s mud. And yes, it’s tough. Run solo, run as part of a team,…

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Fitness myths that hamper your training results.

If you’ve been convinced that muscle weighs more than fat, you’re not alone. Many people are led to believe all kinds of falsehoods when it comes to fitness. It’s time to dig for the truth. Here are some common fitness myths you never thought to question… 1. Muscle weighs more than fat This is a…

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Will exhaling more accelerate fat loss?

Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually breathe out and lose fat! But first, let’s look at some fat loss myths: Many of us have been duped into believing all sorts of falsehoods when it comes to fat loss. So what are some of these myths? Fat is converted into energy or heat. This contradicts…

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