Melbourne Cup: make it a cup without (love) handles

The Melbourne Cup Carnival started on 12 September. You might be well into the festivities by now. For most of us, Emirates Melbourne Cup Day in a few days’ time (3 November) marks the start of a month of merriment.

As we all know, the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a delight for the senses: colour and fashion, excitement and adrenaline, laughter and cheering. It’s time to pull out your glad rags, don a stylish hat, pick a yellow rose, and raise your glass. Or is it?

In amongst the laughter and chatter there are other unmistakable sounds: glasses clinking, and cutlery chinking. Pleasing to the ear, but not to the waistline. It’s the sound of lots of extra calories making their way into your body. Creeping up on you when your attention is fixed on the gaiety of the season.

Want to avoid love handles this racing season?

Here’s how to make sure that the only handles are the ones on the Melbourne Cup…

Sunlight catches the bubbles in your champagne flute, as full of spritely energy as the cheerful atmosphere. Everywhere you look, people are holding glasses with ice clinking temptingly as they quench their thirst.

All parties everywhere involve the consumption of alcohol. Unfortunately, this only adds more and more calories to your daily intake. So what can you do about it? Read my post here to find out how to partake in the festivities and have a drink or two without falling prey to those boozy calories.

With a glass in one hand, the other seems to always find itself holding a plate of food. Whether you’re ‘just’ having a ‘few’ snacks or sitting down to a meal, chances are that you’re going to be tempted to indulge. All the more so if you’ve had a few drinks. No matter the circumstances, eating away from home and your routine meal plan can wreak havoc on your health and fitness goals. Here are some tips for keeping an eye out for the healthy options when approaching that delectable cuisine.

This is a time of year that is characterised by fun and enjoyment. Don’t spoil it by having regrets afterwards when you step on the scale. Allow yourself to have fun without worrying about your weight – simply follow my tips for a lovely time without the love handles.