Will exhaling more accelerate fat loss?

Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually breathe out and lose fat!

But first, let’s look at some fat loss myths:

Many of us have been duped into believing all sorts of falsehoods when it comes to fat loss. So what are some of these myths?

  • Fat is converted into energy or heat. This contradicts the laws of physics.
  • Fat is excreted from your body. That’s just gross.
  • Fat is converted into muscle. Tempting to believe, but still not true. 
  • Fat cells simply shrink. You can actually lose that fat.

Is the idea that you can exhale fat yet another myth?

As bizarre as it sounds, this is actually true. It all has to do with the metabolic processes involved in fat loss. When you lose weight you breathe out most of that mass as carbon dioxide. Your fat literally dissolves into thin air!

So if you think about it, that means that your primary excretory organs when it comes to fat loss are actually your lungs. And that’s nowhere near as gross as, well, the other options.

So can you simply exhale more to accelerate fat loss?

No, sorry, that’s not the way it works. Trying to exhale more will simply induce hyperventilation. You will feel dizzy, experience palpitations, and possibly even lose consciousness. They only thing you might lose is a bit of dignity.

So how do you really take your fat loss to the next level?

Put in the effort. You can read all sorts of articles on my blog that give you accurate nutritional advice. But of course, a healthy meal plan always goes hand in hand with exercise. Whether you sign up with a personal trainer or enroll in fun group exercise classes, you still need to get moving if you really want to see weight loss. This way, you will be seeing your fat disappear into this air.