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AMRAP delivers better benefits in less time

AMRAP is a training technique favoured my many personal trainers. It stands for As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible, which you have to complete within a set length of time. It can be regarded as a type of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Whether you want to lose weight, rehabilitate, or look more toned and sexy,…

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Hangry: science or an excuse?

Hangry is such a useful word. It aptly describes those people who become grumpy, irritable and short-tempered when they’re hungry. Some people definitely become more hangry than others. I’m sure we all have a friend or relative who is virtually impossible to deal with when they’re hungry, but as soon as satiety sets in, they’re…

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Diet soda – will you gain or lose weight?

Is diet soda a healthy alternative? Sugar has taken a real pounding in the health media of late. More and more studies and articles are emphasising the danger that sugar poses to our health. The answer for many? Pop open a can of diet soda! Surely it can’t be that bad if it says ‘diet’…

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Effective workout routine for the best results

Have you ever stopped to consider what exactly is meant by an effective workout routine? Probably the simplest answer is the gym workouts that deliver the results you are looking for. The thing is, not everybody is looking for the same results. Sure, we’d all like to be healthy and fit, but how we interpret…

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