Effective workout routine for the best results

Have you ever stopped to consider what exactly is meant by an effective workout routine?

Probably the simplest answer is the gym workouts that deliver the results you are looking for. The thing is, not everybody is looking for the same results. Sure, we’d all like to be healthy and fit, but how we interpret that differs from person to person. That’s why, despite what magazines and websites want you to believe, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to gym sessions. It really depends on your body and your goals. That’s why the best way to get the results you want is to enlist the services of a personal trainer. A personal trainer will design an effective workout routine that is tailored to your needs and wants.

Common components of an effective workout routine

At Tighten Up we empower our clients to achieve their goals, and then surpass those boundaries. How do we do that? Every client benefits from a custom workout regime to deliver the best possible results in the shortest possible time-frame. We incorporate several different elements to ensure that each gym session with us is a fantastic effective workout routine:

  • Using weights is the major part of all our training. And we’re not shy – you’ll use the heaviest weights that you can push or pull.
  • Functional training involves a range of exercises that enable you to function better in a day to day capacity.
  • Our workouts include both unilateral and bilateral training. This means that both sides of the body are made to work independently. This ensures that the left and right sides of your body are balanced in terms of strength and stability.
  • Various other types of exercises and training that are based on the aim to fast-forward your personal progress towards your specific goals.

At Tighten Up we genuinely care about your personal health and fitness. That’s why we will provide you with an effective workout routine to help you achieve your dream results!