AMRAP delivers better benefits in less time

AMRAP is a training technique favoured my many personal trainers. It stands for As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible, which you have to complete within a set length of time.

It can be regarded as a type of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Whether you want to lose weight, rehabilitate, or look more toned and sexy, AMRAP can certainly accomplish that for you.

At Tighten Up we use AMRAP with many of our personal training clients. It’s a great way for you to challenge yourself and push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Many kinds of exercises can be used with AMRAP

We always like to vary things and keep our workouts as interesting and dynamic as possible. All kinds of exercises can be used with the AMRAP technique, such as:

  • bodyweight exercises
  • cardio training
  • plyometric activities
  • crossfit circuits

There are endless benefits to AMRAP training

  • No matter your level of fitness, AMRAP will be a great workout for you.
  • You will enjoy amazing results in a shorter period of time.
  • This type of training challenges you to push yourself to your limits. This means that you will burn fat like never before!
  • AMRAP workouts are particularly efficient because they simultaneously provide a cardio session and improve your muscle strength and endurance.
  • You will also improve your calisthenics skills and agility.
  • The challenge posed by AMRAP sessions will help you to adopt a tough but positive mindset that will drive you to achieve even bigger goals.
  • No more guessing about how you’re progressing. AMRAP gives you an easy way to track your progress – just count the number of reps or rounds and aim to improve on that number next time!
  • AMRAP workouts can be adapted to your specific needs and goals.
  • You will gain muscle, look more toned and conditioned, and lose weight.
  • It’s a great source of motivation because you know that you only have a certain length of time in which you can complete your reps or rounds.

Not sure how to get started with AMRAP? Contact us to find out more!