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Motivation to change your life for the better

Change is an undisputed part of life, whether we want it or not. Sometimes we will experience something – a trigger – that acts as a source of motivation to change. Whether you need change in a relationship, your lifestyle, or your career, the truth is that it’s important to sustain that motivation to change…

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Stubborn fat explained and busted

Lowering your body fat percentage is an admirable goal. It’s great for your fitness levels, all round health, and achieving a svelte silhouette. It can be really tough to stick to your meal plan and workout regime if you feel as though you are fighting a never-ending battle against stubborn fat that seems to linger…

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Weight loss plateau tips and tricks

Are you battling to lose more weight? Were you making great progress, only to hit a slump? You are probably experiencing what’s called a weight loss plateau where, no matter how much effort you put in, the weight is not coming off like it used to. Follow these tips to banish your weight loss plateau…

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Weight loss mistakes to avoid

There are certain weight loss mistakes that I see people making time and time again. Don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts by adopting an unhealthy habit that will prevent you from shedding those kilos. Weight loss mistakes you need to ditch Missing breakfast. This will actually cause you to put on weight. Skipping the first meal…

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