Weight loss plateau tips and tricks

Are you battling to lose more weight? Were you making great progress, only to hit a slump? You are probably experiencing what’s called a weight loss plateau where, no matter how much effort you put in, the weight is not coming off like it used to.

Follow these tips to banish your weight loss plateau

These tips are designed to lend some structure to your weight loss plan and help you overcome that annoying weight loss plateau.

Do not eat for the three hours leading up to bedtime.

It really is that simple. Decide on a set cutoff time that is three hours before you usually go to bed (e.g. if you tend to go to bed at 10pm then your cutoff time is 7pm). Then make it a steadfast daily rule that you will not eat after that time. Try to encourage your family to follow this rule too. This will boost their health and motivate you to stick to that cutoff time every evening.

Plan your meals ahead of time.

If you think that this sounds overbearing, or like too much effort, then think again. Fail to plan = plan to fail. Make sure that you have healthy meals and snacks planned in advance. Do your grocery shopping in accordance with these meals. Going to work or arriving home without a planned meal in mind (or the correct foods on hand) means that you are all the more likely to go for the quick and unhealthy option.

Keep a food journal.

Keep an accurate record of everything that you eat and drink in a day. It’s best to do this as the day progresses because we tend to (conveniently) forget the little snacks and nibbles we had between meals. Whether it’s in a book or on your phone, keep track of it all. Keep note of what you’re eating, as well as the when and why. You need to be aware of your habits in order for you to change them. (See my post on how to stop emotional eating if you discover that you fall into this category.)

You’ll notice that exercise is conspicuously absent from these tips. Of course, you need to continue with regular gym workouts. However, when it comes to beating a weight loss plateau, most people need to focus on what they eat, how much they’re eating, when they’re eating, and why.