12 Ways Resistance Training Keeps You Young

As we get older, we get weaker. It’s sad but true. Along with that weakness comes less efficiency and increased susceptibility to injury. That’s why resistance training is one of the smartest things you can do as you age to improve your overall health and well-being. Here are a dozen more reasons why resistance training needs to be a part of your life-style:

(1) Resistance Training Stimulates Bone Density:

This will help ward off such age related ailments as osteoporosis. A recent study out of Tufts University showed that resistance training acts to slow down bone loss while stimulating new bone growth. (1)

(2) Resistance Training Speeds The Metabolism:

Weight training is a fantastic means of combatting the natural declines in metabolism and muscle mass which are a part of the ageing process.Resistance training produces the after burn effect, allowing you to burn more calories while at rest. In addition, there is a high energy cost in repairing damaged muscles cells as a result of your workouts. And any muscle that you build requires more calories to maintain.

(3) Resistance Training Combats Arthritis:

According to the Tufts University study mentioned earlier, regular weight training lubricates the joints as well as making the muscles around the joint stronger. As millions of people can attest, the effect is a reduction in arthritic symptoms.

(4) Resistance Training Enhances Energy Utilisation:

As we age, we become less efficient at metabolising glucose. That is a major contributing factor to Type-2 Diabetes, which the majority of people contract between the ages of 55 an 60. Yet, studies have confirmed that regular resistance training can dramatically improve the body’s glucose uptake. (2)

(5) Resistance Training Will Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness.

Compound movements like squats and dead-lifts will shunt the blood around your while body. Your heart and lungs will be more efficient and you will be dramatically reducing your susceptibility to a host of cardiovascular diseases.

(6) Resistance Training Builds Muscle:

This is especially important as you age. Muscle mass declines by 5 to 10% each decade after we reach the age of 50. This loss of muscle results in a decline in strength, which is often associated with a variety of illnesses, injuries and infirmities.

(7) Resistance Training Improves Muscular Endurance:

Put simply, your muscles will be able to work harder for longer. Including ballistic movements using such equipment as kettle-bells will also improve your functional fitness, allowing you to carry out such daily activities as carrying groceries or changing a car tyre without pulling a muscle.

(8) Resistance Training Burns Fat:

It does so while reshaping and building muscle. Therefore, weight training is the only exercise that will allow you to alter your body composition (your ratio of muscle to fat).

(9) Resistance Training Develops Inner Qualities:

Such as self esteem, purpose, self discipline and stickability. In fact, studies show that regular resistance training gives all of the benefits of taking anti-depressant medication – without any of the side effects. (2)

(10) Resistance Training Burns A Loads Of Calories:

Yes, calories. Most people don’t actually realise the energy it takes to get under a squat rack and bend up and down a dozen times with a sizeable weight across your trapezius (Shoulders). Focusing on compound exercises such as squats, lunges, rows, presses and dead-lifts will have you puffing like a locomotive. This will help you to control weight, making you less likely to fall prey to cardiovascular disease.

(11) Resistance Training Improves Sleep Quality:

Regular weight trainers fall asleep more easily, have a better quality of sleep and they sleep longer. Again, it provides all of the benefits of chemical medication, but with none of the side effects.

(12) Resistance Training Strengthens The Core:

A strong core will alleviate the pressure on your lower back, which is often the bane of old age. Strengthening the erector spinae muscles that surround the low spine will make it a whole lot easier to get up and down.

Get Physical

The evidence is overwhelming – resistance training is vital for healthy ageing. But where to begin? For an individualised approach that will tailor a resistance program to your specific requirements, then guide you through every session, contact our reputable Qualified Personal Fitness Trainers here at Tighten Up. We will design and implement a resistance program that will get and keep you on the healthy fitness fast track. Please read our testimonials!


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