Weight Loss

Start Your Successful Fitness Journey Today

Fitness journey

I was recently asked what advice I’d give to someone starting their fitness journey. This couldn’t have come at a better time than when a lot of people are trying to get into shape for the holidays. I ended up with 7 things one can do to start a successful fitness journey. Without wasting any…

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Transform Your Feminine Physique While Enjoying the Process

feminine physique

Trying to obtain a feminine physique but are frustrated with your results? I understand the emotional roller coaster of weight loss and gain. I know what it feels like to want to give up on our fitness goal after working so hard and not seeing the results that I have wanted. All I can say…

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What is the difference between training SMART versus training HARD


The meaning of training smart and training hard When training smart you reap many of the benefits such as looking well, feeling energized, and upbeat. If you feel completely beaten and weak after your session in the gym, you might want to revisit your training plans. Training as hard as you can won’t necessarily bring you…

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How to lose weight: 12 fast, easy, and safe tips

lose weight

Weight loss starts with proper nutrition I don’t recommend you to lose weight fast because it is rarely sustainable, and it isn’t good for your body. Gradual weight loss should be the organic result of a healthy lifestyle.  The best advice is to build a strong and sustainable daily routine that consists of good eating habits, and regular…

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Five Tricks to Stay Lean in the New Year

Tips to stay lean

Trying to stay lean is challenging, and it can even be an unrealistic goal for some people. However, it’s not impossible to achieve. You can’t simply work as hard as you can and then give up once you reach your goal. Your body will naturally be inclined to go back to its natural equilibrium. For…

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New Year's Resolutions: 5 Things You Must Know About Willpower

Easy steps to increase willpower

With the new year right around the corner, your New Year’s resolution may be heavy on your mind. Many people believe they can improve their lives by sticking to those yearly resolutions. However, after a few months, road blocks and a lack of willpower could lead to a loss of direction and commitment. Do you want to eat better,…

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Counting Those Christmas Dinner Calories

Christmas Dinner Calories

Christmas dinner may be the best meal of the year. However, the deliciousness comes at a cost, and quite a hefty one. Therefore, it is important for you to remember your fitness goals during this joyful time by mentally taking note of your Christmas dinner calories. I am going to share with you just how…

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8 Essential Tips for Female Weight Loss

8 Essential Tips for Female Weight Loss

Let’s get real, weight loss isn’t always easy. It takes time to reap the benefits of consistently making a healthy choice. But, you also need the right information to help you know which aspects of your lifestyle you need to change. If you’ve been told the wrong things about the best ways to lose weight,…

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What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

What does 200 calories look like?

I’m going to start this article off by saying that calories aren’t evil! Calories are energy and we all need energy to live, breath, work and have fun. But, if your health goals are also focused on losing, gaining or even maintaining a particular weight, then having a bit of knowledge around how many calories…

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