Virtual and Online Training with Tighten Up Professionals

online training program

We’re proud to introduce our NEW Online Training Platform! Now is the perfect time, especially because every day brings new challenges and opportunities – and now is the time to try it at a great price! Over 13 years I have developed a process that has PROVEN itself in client results, and we are using this process with our online platform as well. You will get to work with all of our amazing Coaches, each of which is highly experienced, knowledgeable and very personable. Find out how you can start NOW.

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Be the Boss of Your Health

Strength Training in St. Kilda

Can you say “vicious cycle?” As busy , jet-lagged and stressed as executives are, they need to be stronger, healthier and better rested in order to deal with the stresses on their bodies (and mental) health. How to manage?

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Protein: It’s Essential for Every Body!

High Protein foods

Are you worried that you’re eating too much protein? Or that you’re not getting enough? Or that you’re getting it from the wrong sources? Well, calm down. You’re probably not doing too badly, and we’ve got some common sense info right here.

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Sit Too Much? 4 Steps To Fix Yourself

Sit. Stay. Good boy…girl….  BUT IT’S NOT SO GOOD IF YOU’RE NOT A DOG!  If you work at a desk job, you probably have a lot of mandatory sit-and-stay in your life.  Unfortunately, “sit and stay” is a recipe for pain and limited movement.  Think about the last time you took a long drive. When…

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How MyZone Improves Your Workout, and Your Results

Myzone Effort Points, or MEPs, are more than a gamification of your fitness routine. MEPs quantify the intensity of your effort – something that’s hard for people to accurately judge, yet it’s critical to the effectiveness of your workout.

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Should You Be Working Out On Your Own?

Boxing with Trainer

Some people won’t exercise unless they sign up for a class or have a workout buddy or personal trainer to keep them in their routine. Others love to exercise on their own. What describes you? Let us know.

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Building Healthy Habits with a Personal Trainer

We know how hard it can be to carve out time to exercise. Some of our busiest clients, who may travel for weeks at a time, have said they thought their schedule made it impossible to have a successful training program. This is another example showing the value of having a personal trainer.

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