How Busy Execs and Bosses Manage a Training Schedule

We asked our busiest clients how they can make time to strengthen, nourish, tone and tend to their bodies. They had some surprising answers! Read this – and grab an extra gym bag (or sports bra!) before you head out the door. That way, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and show your fitness goals who’s boss!

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Should You Be Working Out On Your Own?

Boxing with Trainer

Some people won’t exercise unless they sign up for a class or have a workout buddy or personal trainer to keep them in their routine. Others love to exercise on their own. What describes you? Let us know.

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1. Strength Training Should Be Part of EVERY Program While the best program for you will be unique to your goals, every single good program should include some sort of strength training. Building and maintaining lean muscle helps to boost your metabolism, corrects muscular imbalances and creates the strength that’s needed to perform any movement…

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Working Out, But Still No Six Pack?

how to get six pack abs

You are training constantly and consistently, eating clean and yet still there are no six pack abs to be seen. You may be thinking: Is this a realistic goal? Why is it not happening for me? Let’s look at the most common reasons you might not be getting six pack abs and ways to help…

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Five Tricks to Stay Lean in the New Year

Tips to stay lean

Trying to stay lean is challenging, and it can even be an unrealistic goal for some people. However, it’s not impossible to achieve. You can’t simply work as hard as you can and then give up once you reach your goal. Your body will naturally be inclined to go back to its natural equilibrium. For…

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8 tips to get started with a new fitness routine at any age

fitness routine

Starting a new fitness routine Building a (new) fitness routine is a big commitment. For some of us going to the gym and regularly exercising is like breathing. It is part of every day life, and it isn’t a choice we make but rather a necessity to our life and happiness. Others view exercise as a…

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8 Essential Tips for Female Weight Loss

8 Essential Tips for Female Weight Loss

Let’s get real, weight loss isn’t always easy. It takes time to reap the benefits of consistently making a healthy choice. But, you also need the right information to help you know which aspects of your lifestyle you need to change. If you’ve been told the wrong things about the best ways to lose weight,…

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What's Wrong with Sitting?

What's wrong with sitting?

These days, the average person sits for 7.7 hours every day! The typical pattern is to jump out of bed, get into the car so that we can sit at our desk at work then jump back in the car and end a full-on day in front of the tv. Our sedentary lifestyles have changed…

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