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Keep weight off – the definitive guide

You just have to hit the Google search button to see just how many articles there are on weight loss. There are countless fads that all promise impossible results in a short space of time. But how many programs guarantee sustainable weight loss? I’ve compiled the ultimate guide for those of you who want to lose…

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Commit to success – it's time!

No matter what you health and fitness goals are, we all have one thing in common: we want success. We want to see those outcomes. To feel those results. Unfortunately, success isn’t a given in life. All our lives are peppered with failures of one sort or another. So how do we avoid failure when…

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Get Out of a Rut in 6 Easy Steps

Are you desperate to get out of a rut? Feeling trapped in a mindless routine? Feeling unhappy and that there’s more to life? Need more of a balance in your life?   Here are 6 easy steps to get out of a rut! 1. Choose 3 very specific things to change  Think of the 10 areas in…

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Look Like a Queen This Holiday

On Monday we’ll all the enjoying the Queen’s Birthday. It’s a great time to go out and enjoy time with friends. But all that eating and drinking is detrimental to your health, weight and fitness. With all the guilt and calories you’ll hardly feel or look like a queen… Want to look like a queen…

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