Get Out of a Rut in 6 Easy Steps

Are you desperate to get out of a rut?

Feeling trapped in a mindless routine?

Feeling unhappy and that there’s more to life?

Need more of a balance in your life?


Here are 6 easy steps to get out of a rut!

1. Choose 3 very specific things to change 

Think of the 10 areas in your life:

  • health and fitness
  • mental wellness
  • self improvement
  • hobbies
  • family and friends
  • environment (home and/or office)
  • purpose and/or work
  • romance
  • faith and spirituality
  • finance

Think about the areas where you need more balance. Take these broad goals and now choose 3 specific things you would like to do to change your current routine and find balance. Want to get fit? Sign up for group training. Want to broaden your knowledge? Read three books a month. Want to organise your bills and mail at home? Spend an hour a week catching up with paperwork. It’s these small specific things that will add up to your broader goals.


2. Set a time frame 

Decide on the start date. Giving yourself a deadline makes this a healthy challenge to combat in order to get out of a rut!

3. Partner up 

Now that you’re going to get out of a rut and help yourself, why not help someone else in the process?

4. Be grateful for the small successes 

Rather than focusing on the end goal, focus on the steps along the way. Gratitude is a key component of your happiness and health. Accept compliments and keep track of all the little wins you make along the way.


5. Invest in personal growth 

Personal growth is important if you want to get out of a rut. It can be anything that improves your knowledge, skills, relationships or character. Being self-aware and honest with yourself will translate into greater resilience, confidence, self-belief and motivation. You’ll find yourself more focused, effective, and enjoying a greater sense of direction.

6. Have a positive outlook 

Perspective is everything. Your attitude ultimately creates your reality. No matter how awful you feel, you can find a plan and purpose for your life. The time to do something is right now!