Keep weight off – the definitive guide

You just have to hit the Google search button to see just how many articles there are on weight loss. There are countless fads that all promise impossible results in a short space of time. But how many programs guarantee sustainable weight loss? I’ve compiled the ultimate guide for those of you who want to lose weight and then keep weight off.

You must set goals

Set short, medium and long-term goals for both your fitness and nutrition. If you need a little guidance, read my post on setting short term goals for success. Make a conscious decision to commit to these goals. Write them down somewhere where you’ll see them regularly. Remember, a large part of the battle is getting the mindset for achieving goals.

Eat real food

Forget about those shakes, powders, drops and pills. The same goes for those fad diets that exclude certain food groups. In order to achieve your ideal weight and keep weight off, you need to fuel your body with real food. I’m talking about a healthy balanced diet that includes all food groups. Nutrition does not have to be complicated: choose lean meats, good complex carbohydrates, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. And don’t forget to drink water!

Get a proper balance

The key to being able to keep weight off is being consistent with your training and nutrition. Going on a binge and then doing extra cardio the next day is not going to cut it. That’s just not the mindset or attitude that will lead to success. Yes, you are allowed occasional treats, but your lifestyle should focus on eating real food and training hard.

Weight training will keep weight off

No, you are not going to look like a bodybuilder! Women’s bodies simply don’t produce enough testosterone for us to bulk up like men can. When women do weights, we gain strength, look lean and toned, increase our metabolism, and burn fat throughout the day! So it’s time to stop focusing exclusively on cardio and get some assistance in developing a weights program that will help you keep weight off.

Set realistic expectations

Your mindset is crucial when it comes to sustainable weight loss. Those fad diets and products that seem too good to be true? They are. That is not the answer if you want to lose weight safely – and keep weight off. Remember that the path will be up and down, but focus on the successes rather than the bad days. Adopt a positive mindset, and give yourself sufficient time to achieve your goals. They key is to be realistic when setting your expectations.

If you want to lose weight and keep weight off, follow this ultimate guide for sustainable weight loss! You can also read my FREE ebook if you want to melt away those extra kilos!