Look Like a Queen This Holiday

On Monday we’ll all the enjoying the Queen’s Birthday. It’s a great time to go out and enjoy time with friends. But all that eating and drinking is detrimental to your health, weight and fitness. With all the guilt and calories you’ll hardly feel or look like a queen…

Want to look like a queen after Monday’s festivities?

Here are some great ideas to avoid the calorie-rich temptations that seem to go hand-in-hand with the Queen’s Birthday:

Maintain portion control

Don’t stand next to the snack table! Rather take a small plate of the healthier options, then stand elsewhere and eat slowly. Limit yourself to that portion and avoid taking a snack every time you walk pass the food. Practise self-control: if you want to look like a queen, then you need to behave like one too!

Plan ahead

If you know that you’re going to be at a party in the evening where there’ll be lots of eating and drinking, eat light meals and snacks during the day. Don’t arrive hungry! This will prevent you from overeating that evening and it will also curb some of the calorie intake for that day.

Offer to contribute

If you’re going to a party at someone’s house, offer to take along a dish – and make it healthy. Then you’ll be guaranteed that there’ll be at least one healthy plate for you to nibble on.

Take my advice

Read my previous posts on how to drink and eat out and stay healthy. These posts are filled with tips on how to have a good time without piling on those unwanted calories.


Drink water

Drinking water is important, especially if you’re drinking alcohol. Water will keep you hydrated, so you won’t mistake thirst for hunger. Having a glass of water in hand also means you’ll be less likely to fill your hands with snacks.


If you’re at a gathering where kids are present, why not engage them in some fun outdoor activities? It may not be the same workout that you get with an expert personal trainer, but you’ll still be moving and burning some calories.

Follow these tips on Monday and you’ll not only feel but look like a queen!