Grass fed beef – why it's the better option

I’m sure that you’ve heard the terms ‘grass fed beef’ and ‘grain fed beef’ being used a lot lately. This is not just another dietary fad. It highlights the importance of knowing exactly what you are eating. (And what that animal ate.) It might sound pedantic, but it’s a significant consideration.

Any healthy balanced diet contains protein. One of the more common sources of protein in our diets today is beef. Unfortunately, most commercial sources of meat provide grain fed beef. But what is the real difference between eating grain fed or grass fed beef?

What really is in grain fed beef

Cows that are fed grain are simply not eating healthily. Grain might sound healthy, but the term ‘grain fed’ is a bit misleading. The cows’ feed is based on grain, but it is not all real food. It contains genetically modified ingredients as well as common allergens. To make matters worse, these cows are usually given frequent doses of drugs, hormones, and antibiotics. This affects the cows’ health and, ultimately, the health of the meat you consume.

Why grass fed beef is the healthier choice

When it comes to grass fed beef, these cows are allowed to lead natural and healthy lives. They are free to roam pastures where they can enjoy their natural diet: grass, bark, leaves and twigs. These cows eat real food and as a result, grass fed beef is a real food with a superior nutritional composition.

Grass fed beef…

  • has 5 times more Omega 3 fatty acids (a good fat) that its grain fed counterpart.
  • has less Omega 6 fatty acids than grain fed beef. (You want to limit this type of fat.)
  • is lower in cholesterol.
  • has twice as much Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). One of the many benefits of this is improved weight loss.
  • has none of the health risks associated with grain fed beef due to chemical additives and antibiotics.
  • has far more nutrients and health benefits.
  • is more tender and flavourful.

Grass fed beef is neither a luxury nor a fad. It is a healthy and nutritious choice. You might also want to consider butter from grass fed cows as well!