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4 Tips to Avoid Being Skinny Fat

Avoid Being Skinny Fat

Skinny fat. It is an oxymoron but, unfortunately, it is a reality for a lot of people who follow the ‘typical’ weight loss advice that’s plastered around everywhere. When you do a lot of traditional cardio and cut calories, the usual result is a body composition that’s high in fat and low in muscle. Luckily,…

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How The Sugar Industry Has Been Lying To You

sugar industry blamed fat

I like to think that we can trust researchers to report the facts correctly. Especially when it comes to nutrition and health! However, newly released historical documents show otherwise. During the 60’s, the sugar industry paid researchers to down play the link between sugar and heart disease and shift the blame to fat. This research…

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8 Steps to Strong and Lean Abs

lean abs

Almost everyone works out for the abs! Whether you want a 6-pack or just want to lose some weight from your midsection, having a tight core has become the image of fitness. And, while it might look good, there’s other benefits to having strong abdominals too. They’ll help to protect your lower back from injury,…

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3 Reasons Why Strength Training Doesn’t Make Women Huge

Strength Training Doesn’t Make Women Huge

Even though strength training for women is trendy right now, a lot of women are still holding back for fear of bulking up. As a personal trainer, the first thing I’m asked when I say we’re going to do some weights is “but will that make me huge?”. No, it won’t! Building muscle is hard.…

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Is Your Inability to Say No Stopping You from Losing Weight?

According to Shannon Ponton, star of The Biggest Loser Families, one factor that’s worsening Australia’s obesity crisis is people’s inability to say no. While many professionals look to blame things like eating too much sugar and not having enough time to work out, Ponton says “as a society, we’ve forgot what the word no means”.…

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