Is Your Inability to Say No Stopping You from Losing Weight?

According to Shannon Ponton, star of The Biggest Loser Families, one factor that’s worsening Australia’s obesity crisis is people’s inability to say no. While many professionals look to blame things like eating too much sugar and not having enough time to work out, Ponton says “as a society, we’ve forgot what the word no means”.

If we’re always saying yes to things like extra work responsibilities, social events and more food than we really need. But, the stress, lack of time and extra calories eventually add up.

Could your inability to say no be stopping you from losing weight?

Even superman/woman has limited hours in the day. How are you meant to get a GOOD workout in and then go home to cook a healthy meal after you’ve worked a 10-hour day and are just exhausted? The answer is usually to sacrifice sleep. However, sleep deprivation puts you on a viscous cycle to weight gain. The more tired you get, the higher your cortisol levels get which makes you more hungry while slowing down your metabolism.

Ponton also believes we’re actually no busier than we’ve always been. We just think we are, as we check Facebook for the hundredth time, perfect that selfie and post it to Instagram.

Learning to Say No

Say no to the things that don’t really matter and say yes to your well-being. Don’t be one of those people who wait until they lose their health to start prioritising it.

Get up and go for a walk outside. Cook a nice meal for your family. Dedicate a bit of time each day for relaxation.

You have the choice. Start learning how to say no to the things that are causing you to gain weight. You already know what they are! But, no, you don’t need that biscuit, doughnut, chocolate or alcohol. And, no, you can’t work extra hours or go to that last minute social event if it cuts into your time for exercise and/or sleep.

It’s not about depriving yourself of these things. It’s just about taking responsibility for your body, health and lifestyle. You can enjoy sweet treats and skip a workout every now and then. Just be consistent in your healthy choices and you’ll get results.

What’s one thing that you should say no to that could be stopping you from losing weight? Post your answer to the comments below.