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What is the difference between training SMART versus training HARD


The meaning of training smart and training hard When training smart you reap many of the benefits such as looking well, feeling energized, and being healthier and more upbeat. If you feel completely beaten and weak after your session in the gym, you might want to revisit your training plans. Training as hard as you…

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How to lose weight: 12 fast, easy, and safe tips

lose weight

Weight loss starts with proper nutrition I don’t recommend you to lose weight fast because it is rarely sustainable, and it isn’t good for your body. Gradual weight loss should be the organic result of a healthy lifestyle.  The best advice is to build a strong and sustainable daily routine that consists of good eating habits, and regular…

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Working Out, But Still No Six Pack?

how to get six pack abs

You are training constantly and consistently, eating clean and yet still there are no six pack abs to be seen. You may be thinking: Is this a realistic goal? Why is it not happening for me? Let’s look at the most common reasons you might not be getting six pack abs and ways to help…

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My 6 tips to find motivation to exercise


Start the new year with a new you! After the holidays are over we are back to our daily routines; work, commitments, and timetables. Gone are the days of endless feasts on minced pies, mulled wine, and delicious roast dinners. What is left is the reality of our scale likely to show a bigger number than before.…

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Five Tricks to Stay Lean in the New Year

Tips to stay lean

Trying to stay lean is challenging, and it can even be an unrealistic goal for some people. However, it’s not impossible to achieve. You can’t simply work as hard as you can and then give up once you reach your goal. Your body will naturally be inclined to go back to its natural equilibrium. For…

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8 tips to get started with a new fitness routine at any age

fitness routine

Starting a new fitness routine Building a (new) fitness routine is a big commitment. For some of us going to the gym and regularly exercising is like breathing. It is part of every day life, and it isn’t a choice we make but rather a necessity to our life and happiness. Others view exercise as a…

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