Working Out, But Still No Six Pack?

You are training constantly and consistently, eating clean and yet still there are no six pack abs to be seen. You may be thinking: Is this a realistic goal? Why is it not happening for me? Let’s look at the most common reasons you might not be getting six pack abs and ways to help get closer to your fitness goal.

Stressed Out?

Your stress levels can elevate levels of a hormone called cortisol. When you are over producing this hormone, you are at risk of developing more fat in the tummy area.

Focusing Too Much on Crunches

You cannot exercise only one area of your body and expect to notice a dramatic change in leanness. You can make significant changes to your body shape with particular exercises, but to attempt to ‘burn’ fat off the area is fruitless.

Missing the Bigger Six Pack Picture

You can’t develop six pack abs by doing hundreds of crunches. It is not possible to carve out a six pack through just core work. You need to look at the bigger picture such as losing overall body fat. This should be your target.

Overworking Your Abs

You do not need to train abs every day or do hundreds of crunches to get a six pack. Our muscles grow and develop while they’re in a resting state. You need to decrease the frequency of your crunches and allow them to rest.

Wrong Type of Training

Find the right type of training schedule to compliment your goal is crucial. Ensure the correct level of intensity for your training is applied and be consistent.

Poor Diet

You should avoid sugar, processed food, and alcohol because it can hinder how much body fat you can burn. Avoiding them as much as possible will produce quicker results when it comes to a flatter stomach. Avoid alcohol because this can mean extra calories and an increased appetite.

Lack of Sleep

Not enough sleep can stunt cellular repair of muscles and throw cortisol levels out of control. The ‘puffy’ look is a clear sign that we need more sleep. Get enough sleep to avoid those situations.

Lack of Water

If you’re dehydrated and are not operating at your optimum it’s because your body slowed down. Keep your fluid levels up to reduce fluid retention and perform at your optimum level.

Exercise Techniques are Important

Getting your exercise techniques on point is a valuable skill. Your ab region is a large part of your body. Therefore, you need to execute your exercises in correct form to provide a more balanced physique and not a ‘slouched’ one.

Changing Diet Too Often

Changing diets too often can shock your body. Have your diet plan in place and stick to it. Consistency is everything!

Just Genetics

You must accept that you are designed a certain way. Aim to be the best version of you can be with what you have.

Keep your exercises simple, be honest with yourself, stay consistent with diet and exercise to see the results that you want! Consistency is the most valuable part of the six-pack puzzle. You need to make fitness a lifestyle. If you consistently eat clean and get your workouts in, you’ll have abs for a longer period of time.