How MyZone Improves Your Workout, and Your Results

“I can’t believe how motivating it is!” — heard after recent MyZone session

We’ll admit to getting pretty excited about a shipment of new MyZone belts. But there’s a reason we’re so excited – and it’s more than the simple fact that they’re the most accurate heart rate monitors out there. SO much more than that!

Before we get into the functionality of the MyZone belts we use here, we need to say that the biggest reason we are so crazy about them is because our clients love them. There are always some “doubters” mixed in with those who love the belts and we secretly (ok sometimes not so secretly) like to just sit back and watch what happens to a first-time user. They may not be thrilled with the color zones, and the constant (easy to see) readouts don’t win over everyone. At least, not right away. But eventually, the data does win everyone over.

“This is great to keep me accountable!” — said while sweating in a MyZone class

And somewhere between the funny look when they first strap on a MyZone belt and the time they realize that their improving fitness levels are a direct result of that little belt, something else happens.

They start talking about MEPs.

Myzone Effort Points, or MEPs, are more than a gamification of your fitness routine. MEPs quantify the intensity of your effort – that’s something that is hard for us humans to accurately judge, and yet it’s absolutely critical to the effectiveness of your workout.

What’s the MetZone?

If you ask some of our clients they might tell you there’s no escape from the MetZone 😀 but that’s really not as brutal as it sounds. Our MetZone class is designed to ensure every participant is getting his or her best workout. And after all that’s why you’re working out, isn’t it? (I’m not saying you’re a slacker, but if the belt fits….)

When you’re wearing a MyZone belt, information about your current heart rate, % of maximum heart rate, calories burnt, and MyZone effort points (MEP points) are all tracked for you to see. For you to use!

OK, maybe there really is no escape from the MetZone (haha) but more importantly, there’s no confusion about the work you’re doing, and what you need to do, to get the results you’re after. Safely.

Yes, safely. We often point out that we’re here to motivate and even push you, but without hard data, how hard you’re working is a bit of a subjective thing. MyZone takes the guess work out of it.

If you haven’t worked up a sweat on a regular basis – and especially if you’re looking to increase your metabolism (to lose weight!) – it can be hard to accurately judge your energy expenditure. MyZone belts are a terrific educational tool.

The thing is – and you may not believe it until you try it – they’re also fun to use. Sure, there’s a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from any training session.

But when you can see instant feedback on your effort level right in front of you, that’s very satisfying. When you can see proof, right in front of you, that your cardiovascular system is working more efficiently – and proof that you’ve reduced your recovery time – that’s incredibly satisfying.

Then the results start to show up outside the gym. And it’s even better.

Get the data you need to drive the results you want!

How Can I Try MyZone?

MetZone classes are offered each week! If you have questions, don’t be shy – get in touch and ask us! We love to explain the tools we use. And, while we love the belts (and the classes) we recognize that not everyone is ready for it. Curious? Talk to one of our trainers! We are here to help.

If you’d like to use a belt and the classes don’t quite work with your schedule, no worries. Your trainer can show you how to use a MyZone belt for any training session, not just during a class. You won’t know until you ask and try it, though. Get in touch, and maybe you’ll find out you belong in the MetZone, too.

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