Be the Boss of Your Health

If you’re running a business you probably feel like you’re running a marathon – all day every day. 

But it’s not a joke. Running a business places real and significant stresses on your body’s physical systems as well as on your emotional and mental health. 

Come on. If you’re that 60-80 hour a week executive, you’re not surprised. Harvard Business Review dove into “the dark side of passion” that it takes to build or run a business, and it’s a real thing. 

The Boss Knows All About Good Health Habits

Many of our clients fit that hard-driving, never-take-a-break, high-achieving model. And, they know how to take care of themselves. They know they should – and they really try – to do the right things: 

  • Schedule time to exercise
  • Make sleep a priority
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Take mental health/de-stressing breaks
  • Yada-yada-yada

But who has time for that?!

Look, everyone is time-crunched. No matter what your job, we all have demands that make it hard to take care of ourselves. But here’s the thing about those over-achieving executives and exercise: they need it more than anyone. 

Time Poor, Jet Lagged, and Juiced Up

Because of their schedules, time management is an ever-present challenge – making it hard to exercise regularly. Because of their responsibilities (and sheer length of their to-do lists!) it’s hard to wind down and get proper sleep. Because of the endless client meetings (wining and dining is part of the job!) it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet. And because of the necessary travel, well, jet lag is a pretty common reason for missing a workout. 

Can you say “vicious cycle?!” 

The fact is, executives need to be stronger, healthier and better rested and ready to deal with those stresses and others on their bodies (not to mention mental health!). 

Sure, it’s a circular argument. But that doesn’t make the logic any less sound. 

Look, from a personal perspective, let me tell you – I’ve been that boss. The one that doesn’t practice what she preaches. (ouch!) And, I’ve seen too many clients who have come within an inch of burning out because they didn’t TAKE THEIR OWN HEALTH SERIOUSLY. 

So here’s what I’m giving you: I’m giving you a pass. The next time you think “I don’t need to train today,” “I can’t miss that meeting to go for a run,” “If I pass a glass of wine the client will think I’m too uptight,” I’m saying, YOU CAN. YOU CAN choose your health over that voice in your head that tells you working out, doing the meal prep, ordering the salad and fish is weak and not what the boss should do. 

Be the boss of yourself and of your health! That’s the only way you’ll ever be able to be the awesome BOSS you want to be. ~ Jewelz