How To Lose Weight Fast

Everybody’s in a hurry to lose weight fast. Never mind the fact that they’ve spent the whole of their life putting the fat on their body, they want it gone and they want it gone now. This obsession has led millions of people to do just the opposite – gain weight fast. That’s because the traditional route people follow in order to lose weight fast is to go on a restrictive calorie diet. The problem is, when they come off the diet – which their body has perceived as a starvation crisis, hording calories to survive – their body continues holding back energy (i.e. calories) in order to get through the next caloric restriction. The result – they end up fatter than when they started.

The simple truth is that it’s easy to lose weight fast. Don’t eat. But losing weight – fast or slow – should never be your goal. Your body weight is comprised of water, muscle tissue, essential vitamins, minerals and fat. The only one of those things that you want to lose is fat. Losing any of the others will make you weak and unhealthy. So, make it your goal to just lose fat. When you do, you’ll be reshaping your body the right way.

Lift It to Lose It


So, what’s the best way to lose weight fast? Believe it or not it is to get yourself into a weight training program that is built around compound exercises. Movements that exercise a number of body parts in the one movement churn through a ton of calories while shaping, defining and sculpting your muscles at the same time. You can make your fat burning weights workout even more effective by performing your workout according to the High Intensity Training Protocol. Here’s how:

Select 5 compound exercises such as:




Bent Over Rowing


Perform 10 reps of each movement with a weight that is challenging on the last 4 reps. Then go directly to the next movement and do 10 reps on that exercise. Continue on through each exercise with zero rest between them. Once you complete your Pushups, rest for exactly two minutes and then repeat the circuit. Go through the circuit a total of 3 times.

HIIT It Hard

Do your weights based fat loss training in the gym twice a week. On two other days get yourself out onto an open field and spend six minutes doing pure cardio high intensity interval training. Do it like this:

(1)  Warm up with a 2 minute light jog

(2)  Start your session with a 20 second sprint. Push yourself as hard as you possibly can. In fact, imagine that you’re being chased by a big, hungry dog!

(3)  Jog slowly for a 10 second recovery

(4)  Sprint again for 20 seconds – push hard to keep you pace up

(5)  Jog for another 10 seconds

(6)  Repeat this cycle for 6 more rounds. 

In conclusion the combination of compound weight training and Cardio HIIT training is the most efficient way to lose weight fast. By combining these two mega-calorie burners with a daily diet reduction of 500 calories you will be able to burn fat fast and keep it off for good.