Make Time to Exercise – For Your Business & Your Health

No time to exercise? Time to reconsider: A fit boss is a more productive and more creative boss. Whether you need a reminder about how important it is to take your health seriously, or you just need some evidence to toss at your assistant (or partner) when you get the side-eye “you’re going to the gym AGAIN?” look, either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Do you need great abs to be a great boss? No, but it helps. 

Yes, really. 

Great abs, great lungs – and a few other healthy body parts! – contribute to your overall performance. And even if, or especially if, you’re sitting and standing around in an office most of the day, you need to know you can rely on your body. 

How Exercise Makes You a Better Boss

Regular physical exercise – especially brief bouts of intense activity – help clear the mind and improve focus. And when you’re busy running a business, having a clear mind and sharp focus is more important than being at your ideal weight. 

So why should a busy executive take time to train regularly?

The evidence is unquestionable: regular exercise habits provide a long list of physical and mental benefits, enhancing both overall physical health and business performance. Regular exercise –

  • Reduces stress and improves sleep habits
  • Boosts decision making and creativity
  • Increases stamina and agility
  • Reduces reliance on medication

Why Fit Executives Get More Done

“Stronger hours not longer hours” is a popular phrase, but honestly, when you’re a business owner or executive level manager, long days go with the territory. If you’re flagging after lunchtime or less-than-focused at that dinner meeting once in a while, OK. You’re human. But if it happens on a regular basis, your body is telling you something…. . 

If you’re the boss, chances are you’re surrounded by younger, more energetic people – and it’s up to you to direct their energy. You don’t just need to keep up, you need to be one step (or two) ahead. 

In other words, you need to be able to work strong and long. That requires energy and endurance. You know what? It’s possible. No matter your age, you can train your body to support you and the goals you’ve set for your life. 

Let’s play out a couple of scenarios. Say, after an impressive speaking engagement, you stumble as you leave the stage. 

Scenario 1: If you’re fit, you’ve got good balance. So chances are you’d just be a little bit embarrassed. Even if you did fall, your injuries would likely be mild. The fitter you are, the faster you’ll bounce back, because your muscles are more supple and your skeletal structure more supportive than someone who doesn’t exercise. Chances are you’d miss little to no work time, and your work performance wouldn’t be affected. 

Scenario 2: Maybe you’re not so fit. In that case, even a minor fall could result in a fracture or severely strained muscles – and more pain than you could handle without medication. How would that affect your work performance? Would it put a serious dent in your schedule? Would a project suffer because of it? Be honest.

We’re not trying to scare you! But, hey, it’s worth thinking about, especially the next time you feel like skipping your training session. 

Making Time to Exercise When the Business Cycle is 24/7

As the boss, you’re already more productive than the average person 😉 You probably have a few time-saving/productivity tips up your sleeve already. So, you can do this. Here, just in case you need them, are a few reminders to keep you on track: 

  1. Put your training sessions on your calendar! If you schedule them, you’ll show up.
  2. Keep a set of gym clothes clothes handy. A set at the office, one in your car. Be prepared! Similarly, keep a few power snacks on hand. Nuts and fruit are good options – and will give you enough energy to power through a workout.
  3. Remind yourself why your training sessions are important. Mental clarity is critical to your mindset, and to making dozens of decisions every day. Don’t let your staff down – just do it! 
  4. Find a partner who will keep you motivated, and accountable. Yep. We do that. Sure, your significant other or running buddy can do that too. But, we have degrees in exercise science and we’ll call you if you miss a session. We’re kind of like you – we don’t take excuses very well 😉 

We work with busy executives when they can fit training into their schedules, and we help coach them to figure out how to stay on track even when they’re traveling every week. That’s what personal fitness coaches do. How can we help you be your best? Find out