It’s OK to (Stop and) Re-Start a Fitness Routine

I tell returning clients to be realistic. If you take 3 weeks off, you’re going to lose momentum. If you take 3 months off, you’re going to lose some muscle tone, strength, stamina…but the minute you come back to your strength and conditioning routine, you’ve reversed that momentum.

In other words, you’re back on track but the minute you return to training – and with a good coach, you’ll make the most of your return to training.

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Looking for New Ways to Meet Your Goals and Have FUN?

What’s new at Tighten Up? Almost everything! New equipment, technology, trainers…we’re having more fun than ever and so are our clients.  Come see for yourself!  What’s REALLY New at Tighten Up? Really, quite a LOT!  The studio is lighter and brighter and the music is even better than before. It’s a more comfortable, fun, and motivating…

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Start Your Successful Fitness Journey Today

Fitness journey

I was recently asked what advice I’d give to someone starting their fitness journey. This couldn’t have come at a better time than when a lot of people are trying to get into shape for the holidays. I ended up with 7 things one can do to start a successful fitness journey. Without wasting any…

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Start the new year with a new you! After the holidays are over we are back to our daily routines; work, commitments, and timetables. Gone are the days of endless feasts on minced pies, mulled wine, and delicious roast dinners. What is left is the reality of our scale likely to show a bigger number than before.…

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1. Strength Training Should Be Part of EVERY Program While the best program for you will be unique to your goals, every single good program should include some sort of strength training. Building and maintaining lean muscle helps to boost your metabolism, corrects muscular imbalances and creates the strength that’s needed to perform any movement…

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How good nutrition can help you to reach your fitness goals

What difference can nutrition make? Regardless of having lucky genes, combined with a perfect exercise routine, if your nutrition intake is not in line with your needs, the outcome is unlikely an ideal combination. When you exercise you burn energy. When you burn energy, you need to replace it with good kinds of nutrition to ensure…

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What is the difference between training SMART versus training HARD


The meaning of training smart and training hard When training smart you reap many of the benefits such as looking well, feeling energized, and being healthier and more upbeat. If you feel completely beaten and weak after your session in the gym, you might want to revisit your training plans. Training as hard as you…

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