What Would You Tell Your Best Friend About Your Fitness Routine?

Is your pre-dawn training session the favorite part of your day? Does your after-work exercise class take the stress away before you head home to family time? Maybe those strength sessions give you the confidence you need to lead a difficult project at work.

That’s what we often hear from our clients. Sure, they stick with their fitness routines for different reasons. Some are honest about being really motivated by looking great in their clothes. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Losing weight, being proud of your shape, and just being in better health to manage the demands of daily life is excellent motivation.

Quite often, though, our clients tell us that they are surprised when they realise that something they’ve done in the fitness center positively impacts other areas of their lives.

“I think Boxing taught me I could push myself further than i thought.” 

We really love hearing those stories, too! Often, more than the health benefits, our clients mention the calm, the confidence, and the psychological lift they get (all week long) from their fitness routines.

So we want to know what, besides the obvious, you get out of your fitness routine. Have you learned how to breathe through difficult situations because you made it though a TRX routine that you really weren’t sure you’d survive? Ha! That’s power training in more ways than one!

“I made it through Sweatbox, I can make it through anything!” 

We’ve heard from clients that training hard, with support, teaches them more than muscle memory. Their posture improves along with their overall outlook. We’re proud to say that many of our clients – some of St. Kilda’s top business owners, in fact! – tell us that their fitness routines make them better at their jobs.

Do You Tell Friends About Your Training Results?

We’d love to hear from you about how you’ve grown by ramping up your training with (or without) a coach. Tell us here if you want to send a private message, or share with us and others on our Facebook Page. We’ll be compiling comments and wisdom from our clients and sharing your stories – if you give us permission – in the future.

And if you want to share what you love about your fitness routine with a friend, here at TIGHTEN UP, please do!

We offer a few FREE bring-a-guest passes each month for our clients to share with their friends. Know someone who’d benefit? Contact us! 

Do you want to bring a friend to your favorite class? Let us know! Maybe you like your training time to be “me time,” but you know someone (your spouse? lol) who would benefit from a few TIGHTEN UP sessions. Tell us who you’re recommending, and why, and we’ll invite them to visit…and send you a nice thank-you for the referral.

We are grateful to our clients and know they are the reason we are the top-recommended gym in St. Kilda. If you know someone who wants to lose weight, get stronger, and improve their fitness level to get more enjoyment from their day-to-day living, please tell us about them, or tell them about us.

From all of us here at TIGHTEN UP, thank you!!!!