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Virtual and Online Training with Tighten Up Professionals

online training program

We’re proud to introduce our NEW Online Training Platform! Now is the perfect time, especially because every day brings new challenges and opportunities – and now is the time to try it at a great price! Over 13 years I have developed a process that has PROVEN itself in client results, and we are using this process with our online platform as well. You will get to work with all of our amazing Coaches, each of which is highly experienced, knowledgeable and very personable. Find out how you can start NOW.

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Should You Be Working Out On Your Own?

Boxing with Trainer

Some people won’t exercise unless they sign up for a class or have a workout buddy or personal trainer to keep them in their routine. Others love to exercise on their own. What describes you? Let us know.

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Meet The Trainers: Caitlyn Larsson

Personal trainer hanging around

Caitlyn loves having fun, but when it comes to taking care of her clients, she is a serious professional. Here’s what she says about her approach to health, strength and fitness: “Research has shown that they body adapts best when exposed to different stimuli, and I believe that is true for the mind as well. I like to challenge…

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Looking for New Ways to Meet Your Goals and Have FUN?

What’s new at Tighten Up? Almost everything! New equipment, technology, trainers…we’re having more fun than ever and so are our clients.  Come see for yourself!  What’s REALLY New at Tighten Up? Really, quite a LOT!  The studio is lighter and brighter and the music is even better than before. It’s a more comfortable, fun, and motivating…

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