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Sugar free diet: the sweeter side of life

Let’s be honest, most of us like foods that contain sugar. Clever marketing has basically trained us from a young age to crave sugary treats. And crave is an apt word, because sugar addiction is a real thing. Yes, you can argue that sugar is natural. And sure, sugar does occur naturally in foods such as…

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Healthy foods – do they live up to their name?

So you’re doing all the right things: working out, getting enough sleep, and eating healthily. In fact, your diet consists entirely of healthy foods. Or is that just what clever marketing has led you to believe? Put down that gluten-free muffin and read on… So-called healthy foods that aren’t healthy after all You’d be surprised…

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Grains: friend or fiendish foe?

There’s been a lot of confusion about whether or not you should include grains in your diet. This is largely due to many people claiming that grains contribute to weight gain and disease. So what is the truth about grains? Like any significant change to your diet, this should not be attempted on a whim.…

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Weight training for women – the real weight loss secret

Weight loss is a very real issue for many women. As is getting lean, toned and fit. So I’m always surprised by how many women focus their training exclusively on cardio workouts. Sure, beating it out on the treadmill or attending cardio classes will get you fit. But it won’t get you that body. You simply…

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Winter training for summer bodies

The year is flying by and we’re already in July! Colder weather always seems to dampen people’s enthusiasm for exercise. Although summer seems a long way off, how you train in winter will determine how good you look on the beach in summer… Why is winter training so important? Most people consume more kilojoules in…

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