Sugar free diet: the sweeter side of life

Let’s be honest, most of us like foods that contain sugar. Clever marketing has basically trained us from a young age to crave sugary treats. And crave is an apt word, because sugar addiction is a real thing.

Yes, you can argue that sugar is natural. And sure, sugar does occur naturally in foods such as fruits and milk, to name a few. The problem lies in the modern diet that includes excess added sugar. Following a healthy balanced diet will provide you with all the (naturally-occurring) sugar your body needs. Other than that, it’s wise to adopt a sugar free diet.

The benefits of a sugar free diet

You’ll lose weight!


In all honesty, when you have a sugar craving you’re not likely to reach for a piece of fruit. Nope, you’re going to snack on high-fat high-carb processed foods. A sugar free diet will stop you craving sugary snacks, so you will lose weight or, at the very least, stabilise your weight.

Wave goodbye to those cravings.

As soon as you commence a sugar free diet you’ll be amazed how those cravings disappear. That means that naturally sweet foods, such as fruit, will be sufficient to satisfy your sweet tooth. And as for chocolates and other sugary treats, they’ll start to taste overly sweet – making them far less tempting!

You’ll have more energy!


Actually, reaching for a sugary drink or snack won’t up your energy levels like you want. In fact, that will block your body’s ability to maintain its optimal natural energy stores. Experience more energy without those afternoon slumps with a sugar free diet.

Your complexion will improve.


Who doesn’t want smoother healthier looking skin? This is yet another perk that a sugar free diet will bring to your life.

Have a healthier digestive system.


A sugar free diet means that your digestive system will be better able to digest your food. Just make sure that you’re still eating whole natural foods with lots of fiber.

Make sure you read my next post about how to break your sugar addiction once and for all!

Have you experienced the benefits of a sugar free diet? I’d love to hear about your experiences!