Weight training for women – the real weight loss secret

Weight loss is a very real issue for many women. As is getting lean, toned and fit. So I’m always surprised by how many women focus their training exclusively on cardio workouts. Sure, beating it out on the treadmill or attending cardio classes will get you fit. But it won’t get you that body. You simply won’t achieve that lean, toned and fit look. so how do you achieve it? By adding weight training for women to your fitness regime. Yes, weights.


No, you will not look like a masculine bodybuilder!

Many women avoid weights because they are afraid of bulking up. Most women want to get trim and fit without losing that sexy feminine appeal. Well, you’re in luck ladies! Weight training for women will give you that desirable body that you crave without bulking up. The real truth is that our bodies don’t produce enough testosterone to bulk up like men can.


The other common reason for avoiding weight training is that many women feel intimidated. Often the weights section is seen as the men’s domain in the gym. A lot of women, even if they have the courage to head into the weights section, simply don’t know where to start. Getting a female personal trainer is a great way to boost your confidence and learn the best way to use weights to reach your goals.

Unfortunately, many women continue to sweat it out during cardio sessions without really seeing the final outcomes that they so desperately want. In order to be fit, strong, and toned like never before, it’s time to start doing weights!


The benefits of weight training for women

  • Your body will be toned and shaped like never before.
  • You will burn more fat with weight training!
  • It gives your muscles shape and definition (not bulk).
  • The increase in lean muscle means you’ll burn fat even while you rest!
  • It’s the best way to get beat the bulge and get a flat tummy.
  • Adding weights to your regime means you’ll burn 40% more fat.
  • Your weight loss will be more sustainable as you’re less likely to regain that flab.
  • Combat stress and boost your mood even more with weights.
  • Weight training improves the health of your heart and bones.
  • A stronger body decreases your chances of having a major illness as you get older.
  • Lifting weights will boost your productivity and cognitive functioning in all areas of your life.

So what are you waiting for ladies? The weights are waiting for you… Start lifting to get that hot and sexy body that will turn heads!