Winter training for summer bodies

The year is flying by and we’re already in July! Colder weather always seems to dampen people’s enthusiasm for exercise. Although summer seems a long way off, how you train in winter will determine how good you look on the beach in summer…

Why is winter training so important?

  • Most people consume more kilojoules in winter, so you actually need to train harder.
  • Your body burns more calories when you exercise in colder weather.
  • Winter training will keep you in shape so you don’t have to start at the beginning when the weather warms up.
  • Keeping up your exercise regime will boost your immune system and keep colds and flu at bay.
  • Training in winter releases extra endorphins, giving your mood and energy levels an even bigger boost.
  • Increased energy from exercise will help you get out of bed on those cold, dark mornings.
  • Exercise minimises the stress, anxiety and depression that often accompanies winter.


winter training in gym

How to prepare for winter training

Stick to your goals. Have another look at your health and fitness goals. Remind yourself how far you have come. Just a short break over winter will really set you back in terms of your progress.

Stop thinking. Just pack your gym bag, put your gym gear on, and get to the gym. Don’t listen to that little voice that’s full of excuses. Don’t weigh up your options. Don’t let exercise be a choice. Make it a given in your schedule.

Eat the right foods. Traditional winter dishes tend to be filled with extra kilojoules. Look online for healthier versions of your favourite meals.

Drink water. When the cold weather hits, it’s tempting to drink lots of coffee, tea and other hot drinks. Even though it’s cold, you body still needs to be properly hydrated.

Be accountable to yourself and others. Signing up for a program is a great way to motivate you to keep going.

And remember: when you’re training in a gym, cold weather is not an excuse!


Let’s hear your comments: how do you keep motivated to train during winter?