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Strengthen your core muscles effectively

Phrases like ‘core training’ abound everywhere in the fitness industry. However, despite the fact that everyone is talking about core muscles, a lot of people are still misinformed as to which muscles we’re talking about and how to strengthen them effectively. “Core muscles” does not only refer to that longed-for six pack! As with many…

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EPOC helps you burn fat even after your workouts

After a good workout your body continues to burn calories. You would have experienced it as the buzz you get after an intense workout, when it takes a while for your breathing and heart rate to return to normal. This feel good phenomenon is known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). You might have also…

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High protein diet causes cancer? Nonsense!

My previous post looked at the WHO’s claim that bacon causes cancer. Now it seems that we are faced with a study that claims to have proven that a high protein diet causes cancer. Before you give it all up and opt for a vegan lifestyle, we need to examine this study in more detail.…

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Bacon causes cancer – say it isn't so?!

People around the world groaned in dismay when the World Health Organisation (WHO) added bacon to its list of group one carcinogens. Essentially what they are saying is that bacon causes cancer. Will breakfast ever be the same?! Is there truth behind the claim that bacon causes cancer? The problem lies in the fact that…

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Truth about personal trainers – surprising but true!

Everyone seems to have an idea or opinion about personal training. Unfortunately, personal trainers are generally grossly misrepresented in movies and the like. We are essentially in a helping profession – we are in the personal training industry to help others. Let’s reveal the real truth about personal trainers and what we do… The real…

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