Before and After: Weight Loss Transformation!

The picture doesn’t tell the whole story!

WOW TALK ABOUT LIFE CHANGING!!!! This lady is a SUPERSTAR!!! We are so PROUD of her! Find out how Valerie lost more than 19 kg and 31 cm and found a stronger, more powerful, happier version of herself.

⁠The First Step: Wanting to Make a Change

Valerie walked into our Tighten Up Facility in January 2019. ⁠ Why? In her own words, Valerie said, “I needed to take back control of my life!” And, she wanted to do it before a milestone birthday.

She was headed in the right direction, and just needed a little bit of help to start making the changes that would improve her life. ⁠We were thrilled to help!

Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle and POWER

Progress was steady to the amount of 19.2kg lost and a 31.6cm reduction in waist circumference. ⁠ Valerie was willing to try new things, from eating different foods to trying training sessions that at first felt odd.

Although motivation comes from within, at times, we all need a push – and the training guidance she got here kept her on track. Also, Valerie knew that having professional trainers guide her so she was making progress without risking injuries or setbacks was very important.

Ask her today, and Valerie talks about her training process as a “transformation, both physically and mentally.”

training safely with personal coach

“I cannot recommend Jewelz and her team enough. ⁠She personalizes your experience making you feel as though you are the only client she has.⁠ If you are looking to change your life, lose weight, get stronger, feel fit, get happy, get motivated or whatever it is you’re looking or longing for….then I suggest you step into Tighten Up!”⁠ ⁠

NOW, WOW! Strong and Confident

Valerie, the entrepreneur, always knew she was strong…but, it didn’t always show. This is one of the reasons our Body Composition Analysis is so helpful. By showing areas of strength and pinpointing very specific muscles and parts of the body that need improvement, we are able to help clients maximizes the time spent training.

Initially, Valerie’s goal was weight loss – 20 kg by her birthday – but she soon realized other side effects (good ones!). During training sessions we focused a lot on mindset and the importance of celebrating all the wins (small & big) along the way.

Today it’s easy to see she is a strong and confident, Self Employed BOSS WOMAN! She celebrated every win along the way.


 We are so happy to celebrate with you, Valerie!  

Goodbye, Love Handles – Hello, More Fun

How Valerie Achieved Great Results

Losing weight is NOT all about denial. In fact, that’s not it at all. Valerie said replacing old habits with healthy ones was an additive process. “When I cut back on carbohydrates, I found I was actually not as hungry,” Valerie said.

Like many people, Valerie found that changing her eating habits introduced her to more foods that she now loves, and some of those training sessions that at first felt “odd” soon start feeling like fun.

While she is goal-driven – and her initial goal was all about weight loss – she was pleasantly surprised at some of the “side effects” of the process. She enjoyed feeling her physical strength improve steadily, and she said her confidence grew substantially.

So, what were some of the keys to Valerie’s success? She says these rules kept her on track.

  • Cutting out carbs and reducing alcohol
  • Replacing both with healthier power foods
  • Setting Realistic Goals – and when you BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER, set a new one! Valerie set a new goal almost every week. They were small steps, but by taking one at a time, she covered a LOT of ground in a short time!
  • Finding a program that works in YOUR life – Valerie said she felt welcome in Tighten Up’s bright atmosphere and comfortable and motivated when working with Jewelz and other trainers here.
  • Persistence leads to progress. In spite of daily demands (like running a business!) Valerie committed to show up for herself and her training program at least two, and often three or four times a week. That commitment meant she made steady progress.
personal coach training form

Reaching Health Goals Worth the Effort

We’ll say it again: Congratulations, Valerie! You wanted to take back control of your life, and you did it.

Now…who’s next?!

Often when we hear a client’s goal is to “lose weight” we know it’s really about feeling and looking great. Our trainers are here to help you become more confident, proud, and energised. Call or stop in to find your motivating training partner. Professionals ARE standing by to help you do it!