Best time to exercise is… when???

There is an ongoing debate about when the best time to exercise is. It doesn’t seem like we’re going to reach a consensus any time soon. Some people swear by waking up early and fitting in a gym session first thing in the morning. Others prefer to wait until the end of the working day to have a good workout.

So what is the real answer regarding the best time to exercise?

Like diets, workouts, and many other aspects of health and fitness, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. You need to assess the benefits of the different times of day in accordance with your body, your needs, and your schedule.

Benefits of exercising in the morning

  • No matter what transpires during the day, your workout is already taken care of. No distractions means no excuses.
  • You will have the whole day to provide your muscles with the nutrition they need to recover and build strength.
  • You might find that the gym is less crowded in the morning, enabling you to get through your workout more efficiently.
  • Morning workouts can give you a boost of energy and vitality for the day ahead.

Benefits of exercising in the evening

  • This is a great option if you naturally have more energy later in the day. Your body will tell you the best time to exercise.
  • Gyms are usually busy at this time of day, providing you with an energy-fueled atmosphere that will prompt you to give it your all.
  • Working out in the evening means that you won’t be exhausted from your workout before your work day begins. This is especially pertinent if you do physical work.
  • If you’ve been eating healthy balanced meals all day, then the evening is the best time to exercise in that your body will have all the fuel it needs for an intense workout.

And the conclusion about the best time to exercise?

In reality, the most important aspect of the timing of your workouts is the frequency. Choose the best time to exercise for you and then make sure that you workout consistently. Make the time.