Should You Be Working Out On Your Own?

We hear it often: “I can work out on my own.” And as personal trainers and professional coaches, what do we respond?

Well of course you can – and we suggest that you do!

That may sound counterintuitive given our chosen field, but it’s absolutely not. Look, when you work with any kind of teacher, lawyer, doctor or other professional, you’re seeking their advice so you can do a better job managing your business, your career, your health, etc.

Most of our clients work with our professional coaches for exactly the same reason – to do a better job managing their lives and to avoid making costly mistakes. Lift or exercise the wrong way, and you can pay for it in pain for a long time. Work with a professional, and you’re likely to stay on track, and to meet your goals, much more directly.

That said, you better believe doing exercises is UP to YOU. (We’ll skip the rest of that lecture for now.) Of course, we all go through times when it’s extra hard to hold ourselves accountable or get motivated to work toward the goals we’ve set.

WHY Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Some people have admitted to themselves that if they don’t sign up for classes, they won’t exercise. Having a running partner is another good way to ensure you’ll actually follow through on your intended exercise routine.

Similarly, working with a personal trainer means you’ll get not only encouraging words and motivation, you’ll also get personalised advice and individual training tips that will help you make the most of your time and work. Working with a trainer inside a well-equipped gym offers the added bonus of having reliable, useful data to help you monitor and adjust your efforts. (Our clients like MyZone belts and how they work in conjunction with the Body Comp Analysis, for example.)

Great Exercises to Do On Your Own

There are many great activities our clients enjoy on their own. Running, hiking, kayaking, bicycling, swimming – just to name a few. And we often talk about those activities (how much they enjoy them, and how to improve their form) when they come in to Tighten Up.

So to summarise, then – YES, you definitely should be exercising on your own! And at the same time, you are likely to find out a coach is your body’s best friend. In addition to offering valuable motivation, you also get personal tips and education so you can avoid injury and get better results than you could entirely on your own.

Now we’re turning the tables: Tell us what you like to do on your own, and how you’ve benefitted from group exercise and/or coaching. Let us know what works for you, and send us suggestions for making your time at Tighten Up even more productive.