The meaning of training smart and training hard

When training smart you reap many of the benefits such as looking well, feeling energized, and upbeat. If you feel completely beaten and weak after your session in the gym, you might want to revisit your training plans. Training as hard as you can won’t necessarily bring you the positive benefits you expect. First of all if it doesn’t’ make you feel good, it is unlikely that you will stick with it for a very long time. If you injure yourself and have various aches and pains, you will end up sitting on the sofa on doctor’s orders. Smart training means that you create a plan that caters to your interest, your physique, your goals and your time frame.

Things that are hard but not smart

1. Choosing a hardcore diet to get in to shape

When you eat less while burning a substantial amount of energy, your body kicks in to survival mode. If you train hard, you need to replenish the energy you use up. When your system goes in to survival mode, your metabolism slows down, your body starts storing fat and you are not closer to your goal. If anything, it takes you further away from it. A regular fasting can help to detox the body and you feel lighter, but if you go on for a longer period of time, you most likely will put on unwanted weight instead of loosing some fat.

2. Chemicals, junk and unhealthy eating habits

Chemicals, pesticides, various toxins, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and hormone medications are count as an ongoing challenge to our liver and intestines. If you put more toxins in to your body than what you are able to get rid off, sooner or later if will affect your immune system as well as your liver and thyroid functions. Gaining weight, bad teeth, sugar cravings, high cholesterol are just a few side effects that can happen. A more extreme version includes heart disease, vascular disease and various cancer types.

3. Hardcore training plan to exhaust your body

The old-fashioned approach to exercise was that the more and harder you worked, the better you would look and feel. I’ve seen people doing only yoga or 30 minutes weight training 3 times a week and look absolutely amazing. I’ve also seen aerobic bunnies collapsing on the gym floor after a back-to-back triple exercise session. Take it easy, and don’t loose focus of your goals. You want to look and feel good. Exhausting your body and overworking your muscles and joints will certainly not help you to do that.

 4. Yoyo diets and following different diets each month

There are always new (commercial) methods to loose weight and get in to shape. Every month you can find a new weight loss kit, a super clever drinking solution, or a drastic eating plan (stay away from eating eggs or cabbage soup for weeks on!). What is common in these solutions is that they all offer to bring out the best of you. Well, I’ve got news for you: you are the best one to bring out the best of you!


Things that are smart but not hard

 1. Training smart

Choose a form of exercise that you actually enjoy doing. Stick with it and show up regularly. This means training smart. If you like high intensity exercise, commit to doing HIIT (high intensity intervals) twice or three times a week. If you prefer something slower and more strategic, do weight lifting. Choose yoga or pilates if you need to still your mind and flex your body too. Find a group to exercise with, if you want to find inspiration in working out with others. Exercise should be fun, make the most of it!

2. Hydrate your body through the day

Drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day and regularly. Keep a water cooler with you at all times and track your water intake. If drinking water is hard work for you, you can add a few slices of lemon, as well as cucumber or any seasonal fruits to your bottle.

3. Detox regularly and eat clean

Don’t do it with chemicals and super solutions you can buy in the store, such as powders and pills, but rather choose good old clean eating. If you follow clean eating habits, there is a good chance that you have to detox less often. Clean eating means lots and lots of vegetables, as well as lean meats, plenty of fish, fruit, nuts and legumes.
Training smart means a way of living not only just completing your exercise routine. Here are a few more tips how to bring the best out of you 6 tips to find motivation to exercise.