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It’s OK to (Stop and) Re-Start a Fitness Routine

I tell returning clients to be realistic. If you take 3 weeks off, you’re going to lose momentum. If you take 3 months off, you’re going to lose some muscle tone, strength, stamina…but the minute you come back to your strength and conditioning routine, you’ve reversed that momentum.

In other words, you’re back on track but the minute you return to training – and with a good coach, you’ll make the most of your return to training.

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8 tips to get started with a new fitness routine at any age

fitness routine

Starting a new fitness routine Building a (new) fitness routine is a big commitment. For some of us going to the gym and regularly exercising is like breathing. It is part of every day life, and it isn’t a choice we make but rather a necessity to our life and happiness. Others view exercise as a…

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New Year's Resolutions: 5 Things You Must Know About Willpower

Easy steps to increase willpower

With the new year right around the corner, your New Year’s resolution may be heavy on your mind. Many people believe they can improve their lives by sticking to those yearly resolutions. However, after a few months, road blocks and a lack of willpower could lead to a loss of direction and commitment. Do you want to eat better,…

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Counting Those Christmas Dinner Calories

Christmas Dinner Calories

Christmas dinner may be the best meal of the year. However, the deliciousness comes at a cost, and quite a hefty one. Therefore, it is important for you to remember your fitness goals during this joyful time by mentally taking note of your Christmas dinner calories. I am going to share with you just how…

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What's Wrong with Sitting?

What's wrong with sitting?

These days, the average person sits for 7.7 hours every day! The typical pattern is to jump out of bed, get into the car so that we can sit at our desk at work then jump back in the car and end a full-on day in front of the tv. Our sedentary lifestyles have changed…

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Nutrition Tips to Burn More Fat (and Reduce Cravings)

Nutrition Tips to Burn More Fat (and Reduce Cravings)

Losing weight isn’t about eating less. It’s about eating more of the right types of foods to fuel your body, kick-start your metabolism and keep you feeling full. After all, it’s when your body feels like it’s starving that everything slows down and you go into fat storage mode. Totally not what you want if…

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5 Tips to Help You Stay Lean at Any Age

5 Tips to Stay Lean at Any Age

Is one of your ‘excuses’ for that extra weight you’re carrying around that you’re not as young as you used to be? Yes, you might not be as active as you were when you ran around all day as a kid. But, often weight gain as we age is just a slow accumulation of the…

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Check Out Amber’s Amazing Success Story!

Check Out Amber’s Amazing Success Story! Find out how she lost 8.9kg, 37cms and 6.8% body fat in just 6 short months with Tighten Up! “I started training with Tighten Up roughly 6 months ago, on the 23rd, November 2016. I had been looking to make a lifestyle change for a while and out of…

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Shifting Your Mindset to Drive Results

Can you imagine the difference it would make if you wanted to choose healthy instead of 'having' to? Learn how shifting your mindset will help here...

Do the phrases “I can’t eat that” or “I have to go to the gym”, often run through your mind when you’re trying to achieve your health and fitness goals? If so, I’ve got good news for you! Simply shifting your mindset might be all that you need to finally hit those goals. Now, I’m…

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How to Get the Fitness Results You Deserve!

Get the fitness results you deserve by following these simple tips!

As a personal trainer, every day I see women and men who are unhappy with what they look like. And interestingly, they’re not necessarily people who don’t exercise or eat right! There’s a lot of people out there who put in the effort but aren’t getting the results they want. Are you one of them?…

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