It's OK to (Stop and) Re-Start a Fitness Routine

Consistency is key, they say.

But do “they” live in the real world? That’s what I say.

Don’t get me wrong, training regularly and consistently is an excellent goal, and many of my clients have known me to lecture them about the importance of showing up to do the work. (It really is the only way to get the results you want!) But, life happens … to all of us.

We have many successful clients who have taken breaks and returned, ready to start again, and THAT REALLY IS OK. When your job gets in the way, or a baby comes along, or even a number of “little” things happen, your daily routines will be interrupted. The fact is, almost everyone “quits” their fitness routine at some point. The saying “Winners don’t quit and Quitters don’t win” is cute, and legitimately motivating. Just remember: the minute you start again, you’re NOT a quitter.

Returning to a Fitness Mindset

I tell our returning clients to be realistic. If you take 3 weeks off, you’re going to lose momentum. If you take 3 months off, you’re going to lose some muscle tone, strength, stamina…but if you come back to your strength and conditioning routine, you’re back on track.

Not in a few months, not in a few weeks, but the minute you return to training.

The same is true if you take three years off. I repeat: the minute you decide to return to training, you’re not a quitter!

The minute you show up for yourself, ready to train, you’re a re-starter. In fact, you should think of yourself as a Returning Champion 😉

No Shame in Our Training Game

We get to know each individual client on a pretty personal basis. That’s one of the beautiful things about boutique strength training. The kind of personal relationships we have with our clients grow over time. Like in any relationship, there’s a lot of trust involved. And here’s the interesting thing: sometimes, our clients have told us they feel embarrassed to come back after taking a break from their routines – no matter how good their reasons!

I never want our clients to feel ashamed for taking a period away from strength training. Yes, training is important! Yes, a consistent training routine is the best way to maintain your health and to keep making progress!  But HELLO, LIFE HAPPENS. As much as I love seeing clients maintain their momentum and consistently keep their schedules, I love seeing clients come back just as much. I love hearing about their reasons…their struggles…and their determination to come back to their training sessions.

All of our coaches are human, by the way. They’re not training machines who have never missed a workout. They understand that life happens (sometimes causing a disruption in exercise) and they know how to help you come back from a period away from your routine. They also know how to help you get back to work, and how hard they can push you as you’re returning to (or starting a new) training habit.

Try something new!

Re-Starting to Reach Your Goals

If you’ve taken a break from training and you’re not sure how to get back into it, that’s what we’re here for! Call us, stop in, or contact us here so we can help! You may know what you need to do, and just need some guidance and motivation. You may need to re-evaluate your fitness level and revisit your health goals. (Ask us about our Body Comp Analysis.) You may need something completely new to shake the cobwebs off and get you excited again. It’s all good – as long as you take a step in the right direction…forward!

We can’t wait to help you move forward! Contact us today. We are here to help you start…or re-start…to reach your health and fitness goals!

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