Time Poor Ways to Make Smart Food Choices

It’s fast paced world, and it seems we have forgotten how to make smart food choices.

In order to meet our commitments, fulfil our obligations and get through our workload many of us have become time poor – we just don’t have any to spare. For a lot of people that means that their body takes a back seat. They are so focused on meeting their commitments that any efforts at healthy eating go out the window – they just grab whatever’s available. That is dangerous.

There is a better way.

By taking the time to create meal planning solutions before the madness of your day begins, you will be able to meet your deadlines without sacrificing your smart eating habits. Here are 6 ways to make smart food choices while you’re flying through the day at warp speed.

Tip No. 1: Plan Your Meals

Either once per week (Sunday afternoon works for most people) or every evening prepare the coming weeks or days meals. Don’t just prepare your lunch, though. Plan on eating every three hours throughout your day. Try to make your food choices easy to eat – even when you’re rushing around in your car. Hard-boiled eggs, mixed nuts, a container of vegetable sticks with a small amount of tzatziki or hummus , a small capsicum stuffed with chicken, avocado and leafy greens are all smart choices.

Tip No. 2: Protein Shakes

Protein shakes offer a convenient solution when the hunger pangs set in and you just can’t stop what you’re doing. Make sure that the protein powder is low in sugar and calories and that it contains about 20 grams of protein. Have a spare shaker in your bag or suitcase. Reach for it when you go past a fast food outlet – your muscles will thank you! A vital point to remember about protein powder is to add water immediately prior to consumption, not hours before!

Tip No. 3: Pre-Package Your Meals

When you need to grab something quick, you want it on hand. If you have to fuss around, you’ll grab a less healthy option. So, do yourself a favour and have pre-packaged snacks in your pantry and refrigerator. Get some snap-lock bags and fill then with nuts and seeds in snack-sized portions. Fill Tupperware containers with tuna or chicken salad (don’t forget to take a fork). Make your own healthy mini wraps (thin mountain bread) and bag them up, ready to grab on the way out the day.

Tip No. 4: Buy More Fruit

Find a fresh fruit delivery service and enjoy the difference when you’re eating food that was on the tree the day before. Make sure that your fruit bowl is full and looking good (no black bananas or shrivelled lemons). Grab a piece in the mornings.

Tip No. 5: Have a Healthy Breakfast

It really is the most important meal of the day. By breaking the fast within a half hour of rising, you’ll be putting your body into an anabolic state. Make sure that include a quality source of protein like eggs. If you choose to use muesli or cereal check that is not malted and that it has no added sugar, alternatively make it yourself.

Tip No. 6: Make Smart fast Food Choices

As hard as you try, there will be times when the convenience of fast food will pull you in. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to make bad food choices. There’s a difference between fast food and junk food. Junk foods are things like cheeseburgers, French fries, cheesecake and anything deep fried. These foods have no quality nutrition and excess amounts of saturated fats, calories and sodium. Using fast food for fitness is simply a matter of making the right decisions.

(a) Drop into a Sushi store and grab a pack of fresh Sashimi

(b) Most Fish’n’chip shops are happy to grill your choice of fish – just ask them to not batter the fish before they grill it, and have a side salad with your grilled fish

(c) Many Supermarkets have a Deli section where you can buy fresh sliced Prosciutto, Ham and Chicken – have these with a fresh salad which can also be bought at the deli counter

(d) Dinner in Restaurants: Choose the Steak/ Grilled Chicken/Grilled or Baked Fish and Veg or Salad option.